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Airplanes How an Airplane flies?.

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1 Airplanes How an Airplane flies?

2 Airplanes Aerodynamic Forces Thrust (B) Drag (D) Weight (C) Lift (A)

3 Airplanes Straight and Level Flight Thrust = Drag Lift = Weight

4 Airplanes Thrust Means of Thrust
Aerodynamic force created by an airplane in order to overcome drag. Propellers Jet Engines Rockets Means of Thrust

5 Airplanes Drag An aerodynamic force that resist the motion of an object Through a fluid (air and water are fluids) The amount of drag an airplane creates depends on: Size and shape of the plane. Speed of an airplane. Density of the air. Landing gears are retracted to reduce the drag.

6 Airplanes Weight Every object on earth has weight (including air)

7 Airplanes Lift Aerodynamic force that holds an airplane in air.
Most of the lift required to keep the plane aloft is created by the wings.

8 Airplanes Longer Path Explanation
Particles split at the leading edge, and they come together at the trailing edge of the wing. Since the particles on top travel longer distance in same amount of time, they must be traveling faster. Bernoulli’s Theory: The speed of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases. Faster moving air on the top creates a low pressure on the top. The low pressure on the top essentially “sucks” the plane wings upward.

9 Airplanes Interesting Things about wings Wing Shape
The Angle of Attack Flaps Slats

10 Airplanes Wing Shapes Stunt Plane Supersonic Jet

11 Airplanes Angle of Attack
The angle that the wing presents to oncoming air, and it Controls the thickness of the slice of air the wings is cutting off. As it controls the slice, the angle of attack also controls the amount of lift that the wing generates. Zero angle Shallow angle Steep angle

12 Airplanes To compensate for different speeds (Cruise speed 901Kph and Landing speed 332Kph) Airplane wings are equipped with: Flaps airplane wings have moveable sections at the trailing edge . are extended rearward and downward Slats same function as Flaps, but attached at the front of the wings

13 Airplanes Propeller: provides the thrust that moves the plane forward
Has an angle of attack Angle of attack changes along the length of the propeller The angle is greater toward the center because the speed of the propeller through the air is slower close to the hub. Some props have an adjustable pitch: propeller Angle changes depending on air speed and altitude

14 Airplanes Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers
Tail of airplane has two small wings: horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Horizontal: Controls up and down Vertical: Controls left and right

15 Airplanes Controlling the Direction Rudder controls Yaw
Ailerons controls Roll Elevators controls Pitch

16 Airplanes Elastic Band Airplane Facts:
In 1909 American record for distance flown with a rubber band powered airplane was just over 200 feet In 1916 , Thomas Hall flew his model plane 5337 feet In 1924, Robert V. Jaros flew a model 7920 feet in 10 minutes and 14 seconds Today model airplanes fly for over 40 minutes.

17 Airplanes References Google Search Engine Mike’s Free Gifs
How Stuff Works

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