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Facilitator: Gerard Kell Using training packages to deliver workforce development services.

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1 Facilitator: Gerard Kell Using training packages to deliver workforce development services

2 Ambition in Action Topics /VET Environment /Providing workforce development services to enterprise /Training Packages /Training Needs Analysis – organisational/individual/group /Developing a learning program

3 Ambition in Action VET Environment: Stakeholders in VET /Council of Australian Governments (COAG ) /National Quallity Council /Industry Skills Councils /State and Territory Training Authorities /Registered Training Organisations /Industry representative and organisations /DEEWR - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations /National Training System /AQTF 2007 /AQF /Training Packages /Changing role of the teacher

4 Ambition in Action Workforce development services The TAFE NSW Workforce Development Guarantee focuses on developing the critical capabilities need by TAFE staff to do business in the 21 st Century. The ability to match training needs to appropriate competencies and provide recommendations for a work based learning pathway, will be very important when providing workforce development services to enterprises and assisting businesses to develop their workforce skills.

5 Ambition in Action Training package /A Training Package in Australia is a set of nationally- endorsed standards, qualifications and guidelines used to recognise and assess the skills and knowledge people need to perform effectively in the workplace.workplace /Training packages are developed by industry through Industry Skills Councils or by enterprises to meet the training needs of an industry or group of industries. /Training packages prescribe outcomes required by the workplace, not training or education. /A Training Package contains three compulsory endorsed components—Competency Standards, Qualifications Framework and Assessment Guidelines.

6 Ambition in Action Training needs analysis Methods for collecting information and data Gathering information and data Analysing information and data Matching needs to Training Package units of competency

7 Ambition in Action Learning program Learning programs document a cohesive and integrated learning process for the learner. learning outcomes or the learning objectives outline the content, sequence and structure of learning and the delivery and assessment method/s

8 Ambition in Action Components of a learning program /Purpose /Competencies to be addressed /Learning outcomes /Content /Learning resources and activities /Number and duration of training sessions /Delivery methods /Assessment /Program evaluation

9 Ambition in Action Case Study /A TAFE NSW Sydney Institute business services team has been approached by a small enterprise to provide a workforce development solution to its staff. /The three areas that need to be developed are: /Business computing - BSBITU203A - Communicate electronically /Customer service - BSBCMM301A-Process customer complaints /Green skills - BSBSUS201A-Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

10 Ambition in Action Case Study /A learning program based around a TAFE Learning and Assessment Strategy has been developed and approved by the manager. /Your task is to provide the educational detail for the project. The manager wants the learning to align with a training package unit of competency in this phase and maybe later would be interested in further training that might lead to a qualification. /The business is busy so you need to consider various options for learning pathways. /Groups / Individual staff may need to have a personalised learning program developed

11 Ambition in Action Learning and assessment pathways /the number of competencies to be achieved /Professional conversation /Existing qualifications /Informal learning /Individual Learning Plan /Work based project /Learning activities

12 Ambition in Action Learning Styles /What are the different way people learn? /Auditory /visual /kinaesthetic /left/right brain /global/analytical /theoretical /activist /pragmatist /Reflective /Go to Learning Styles for more informationLearning Styles

13 Ambition in Action Adult learning principles /adults have a need to be self-directing /adults have a range of life experience, so connecting learning to experience is meaningful /adults have a need to know why they are learning something /training needs to be learner-centred to engage learners /the learning process needs to support increasing learner independence

14 Ambition in Action Pedagogical approaches /Learning has moved for the theories of behaviourism to constructivism and connectivism /Facilitating the learning experience /Learning by doing

15 Ambition in Action Work based learning /A learning experience that connects knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom setting to those needed outside the classroom in the workplace /comprises a range of activities and instructional strategies designed to assist workers in developing or fulfilling their personal learning plans

16 Ambition in Action Work based delivery strategies /Focus eg group / individuals /Context e.g. Workplace, Simulated, /Mode e.g.Face-to-face, Online, blended /Method eg work based, coaching, guided facilitation

17 Ambition in Action Work based learning design /Sequence of collaborative of learning activities /Can incorporate single learner content, but also collaborative tasks such as discussion, voting, small group debate, etc /Can be stored, re-used, customised

18 Ambition in Action Resourcing a work based learning program /Operational /Learning materials /Need to be a aware of what is available /Available resourcesAvailable resources

19 Ambition in Action Work based assessment methods /Direct observation /Structured activities /Questioning /Recognition Portfolios /Product review /Third party feedback

20 Ambition in Action Reviewing a work based learning progam /Questionnaire /Mapping tool /Checklist /Focus group /Structured interview /Who should be involved?

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