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Raising Capital Today: The New Private Placement Pull Marketing Strategy To Find Affiliate and Affinity Investors ✹ The Private Capital Market Solution.

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1 Raising Capital Today: The New Private Placement Pull Marketing Strategy To Find Affiliate and Affinity Investors ✹ The Private Capital Market Solution for Helping Growth Companies Raise Capital With a Private Placement. ✹ Our Services Integrate Marketing, Due Diligence, Automated Closing, and Investor Relations.

2 Accredited Investor Crowdfunding Is Completely Different Than The Older Venture Capital Model One big difference is the motivation and intention of the potential investors. ●In accredited investor crowdfunding, the potential investors are either your affiliates, meaning they are affiliated with your company’s future success, or they are your firm’s affinity market, meaning they have some prior reason for liking your company or product. ●In the older model, the potential investors are more interested in a fast capital gain, and want to control the terms and conditions of the offering to obtain this exit. Generally, these investors do not share your interest in the long term success of the company, as would your affiliates and your affinity markets. Our job is to find the potential investors and pull them into your website. See our article on marketing.See our article on marketing.

3 For Example, 56 Companies on OurCrowd, One of PCM’s Competitors, Solicited 6500 Investors in 2014. 33% of the investors came to the website and invested in only one company. The average raise was $1.5 million.

4 Your First Step In Conducting an Offering: Preparing Your Investor Relations Page ✹ Potential investors need a place to land on your website to begin their investigation. ✹ We want them to land on our hosted investor relations page that is inserted on your company website for 6 months. ✹ We create, host, and manage your temporary investor relations page during your capital raise. ✹ You can buy this hosted investor relations page in our Regional Capital Exchange store, from inside your member account admin panel.

5 How Your IR Page Functions During The 6 Month Offering Period ✹ We insert a Nav button on your website that opens the IR page. ✹ You have an admin panel to upload documents into the page, and we provide advice on the content of the documents. ✹ The IR page has information about your company, like Who We Are, Our News, Our Events, etc. ✹ Key words and terms on your IR page are linked to many outside accredited investor websites, where investors are searching for deals. ✹ In other words, we use internet marketing to “pull in” investors who may be interested in your company.

6 The Second Step: We Create a Company Profile Page On A Major Investor Relations Website That Acts As An Internet Hub For 5 Other Websites To Send Interested Investors ✹ Your marketing documents from your Investor Relations page are posted on the main hub website, where accredited investors are searching for deals. ✹ The main hub website has a data base of over 1,000,000 accredited investors. ✹ You can buy your main hub profile page from your Regional Capital Exchange account. ✹ You can select as many as 5 other investor websites that lead investors to your main hub website.

7 We Can Manage an email Marketing Campaign To Targeted Investors ✹ The main hub investor website has 100,000 investors who have requested to obtain email alerts on deals that match their interests. ✹ You can choose to email a minimum of 40,000 investors on the main hub to alert them to your offering. ✹ You can also use other email services that we offer. ✹ Links in the email lead investors to your investor relations page on your company website. ✹ You can select your email strategy from our Regional Capital Exchange website.

8 We Manage Your Listing on the 5 Outside Accredited Investor Websites ✹ You can select your choice of the 5 outside websites and pay for the listings on your Regional Capital Exchange admin panel. ✹ Each website has a different fee and different process. ✹ We manage the entire process of placing your marketing materials on each site. ✹ Links on each outside accredited investor website lead to your company profile page on the main hub.

9 Step Four: Investors Who Like Your Offering Go To Our Due Diligence Website The Private Capital Market, to Learn More. ✹ The Private Capital Market Private Placement website provides a dashboard for investors to conduct an investigation of multiple companies. ✹ In our PCM membership registration for investors, we will ask the potential investor to confirm their credentials as accredited investors. ✹ Before investors enter the company pass-word protected portal, they ask the CEO for authorization, and the CEO can view the investor profile page.

10 The PCM Dashboard Allows The Company to Manage the Offering. ✹ The company dashboard contains pass-word protected levels, like private deal rooms, where the investor requests authorization to enter. ✹ The company buys a 6 month subscription to use the PCM website. ✹ The company uploads documents into each level, leading to the offering terms and conditions and private placement memo. ✹ At each step, the investor confirms and represents that they have read all of the materials and that they want to enter the next level. ✹ Later, during the third party verification process, we will ask the investor: ✹ “Did you investigate the company offering on each level?”

11 The Most Important Marketing Document? The Company Quick Deal Overview (QDO) ✹ On the company admin portal, the CEO prepares the one page Quick Deal Overview. ✹ We place a brief summary of the Quick Deal Overview on the public front home page of the Private Capital Market private placement website. ✹ If the investor wants to see the full QDO, they register as a PCM investor member and then they can obtain the full QDO. In other words, only accredited investor members of PCM can see the full QDO. ✹ If the investors like what they see on the full QDO, they can request CEO authorization to enter Level One of the company portal to see Level One documents.

12 At Each Step, The Company CEO Is In Control Of Who Is Viewing the Documents On The PCM Website. ✹ The company dashboard lets the CEO see who is investigating the company. ✹ The CEO can communicate in private with any single investor, or with the whole group of investors. ✹ The CEO can always remove an investor from the pass-word protected portal. ✹ The CEO can grant authorization to an investor to enter the next level, leading finally to the private placement memo and subscription agreements. ✹ All of the documents are archived for future use in the Company Archive Library, which can act as the archive for future investor relations on the Private Capital Market.

13 Step 5: We Offer An Automated Private Placement Closing Transaction on An Independent Broker Dealer Platform ✹ The company opens the private placement company account on the platform. ✹ Each investor who signs the subscription agreement opens an account and deposits the funds for the investment. ✹ On the day of closing, the investor authorizes the broker to transfer funds to the company account. ✹ On the day of closing, the CEO investigates the investors, and authorizes the broker to accept the funds into the company account. ✹ The brokerage account performs double duty, after the closing, as a company money market checking account to finance the company activities.

14 After The Closing, The Company Can Open the Investor Relations Module To Keep Investors Fully and Fairly Informed. ✹ The Private Capital Market investor relations module functions much like the EDGAR reporting requirements of a public company, with regular periodic updates about the financial progress of the company. ✹ The CEO controls who has authorization to enter the PCM investor relations module. ✹ The company can buy a 12 month investor relations subscription to use the PCM IR services.

15 Public Relations Is Key To Keeping Investors Happy. ✹ We own and manage a new type of multi- media internet television channel, called The Private Capital News Network. ✹ PCNN broadcasts news and information about the private capital market. ✹ Companies can buy ads and sponsor shows from inside their member admin panel to gain visibility before and after a private placement. ✹ Company executives can appear as guests on the tv news shows to describe their company.

16 We Own and Manage A Network of Regional Capital Exchange Websites ✹ We want to help companies connect to local investors on each Regional Capital Exchange website. ✹ Each RCE website contains a company dashboard where the company selects and pays for the marketing and advertising services. ✹ The brief summaries of each marketing document appear as a news post on the Regional Capital Exchange website, with links to the company Investor Relations page.

17 The CEO Can Buy Our Services Individually on Our Regional Capital Exchange Website, and Conduct The Private Placement On Their Own Do-It-Yourself Basis ✹ Do-It-Yourself costs less. ✹ Or, the company can retain PCM as an outside investment advisor to manage the process, and coordinate activities with your other professional advisors. ✹ We are paid a fee as an investment advisor, and you can see our fees and qualifications on our ADV Disclosure Document.

18 Questions? ✹ Call Thomas E. Vass, President of the Private Capital Market, Inc. ✹ 919 975 4856 tvass AT private capital market dot com

19 Want to Learn About Accredited Investor Crowdfunding? ✹ Read our book:

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