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Advising and Career Planning for Success Lucy Gammon Kim Billeaudeau.

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1 Advising and Career Planning for Success Lucy Gammon Kim Billeaudeau

2 Walk a mile in their shoes… Who had an influence on your academic career? Who helped you connect your personal and academic life? Was there a defining moment or experience?

3 Advisors can make a difference… Advisors can be wonderful mentors. Advisors show interest in issues that matter to the students. Advisors build relationships with students.

4 What can Advisors Do Regarding Student Career Development? Help students consider career fields/majors based on their interests, skills, values and strengths Communicate to students the importance of self assessment and career planning Encourage life long learning and the development of transferable skills, to better compete in today’s changing job market

5 The Career Counseling Center – Lucy C. Gammon – “Offering Help with Major Decisions” through Career Testing, Career Exploration and Career Decision Making Class. Career Services – Kim Billeaudeau – Assists Students with career planning, job search preparation and connecting with jobs and employers. Conference Center Room 104 How Can We Help YOU Help Your Students?

6 Helping students plan a career that suits their purpose and passion in life as well as relies on their best skills. SAME GOAL

7 THE CAREER COUNSELING CENTER Offering Help with “MAJOR” Decisions

8 Who Visits the Center Perspective students Incoming students invited during Orientation Currently enrolled student looking to change their major Undeclared students required to come by their advisors Students who are researching what they can do with their degree

9 Unsure About a Major? Unsure About a Major? Research by Penn State and other institutions has shown that up to 80 percent of students entering college are unsure about their major, even if they've initially declared a major. Up to 50 percent of college students change their majors at least once before graduation, and on average, college students may change their major three times over the course of their college career.

10 Benefits of Career Planning (Reference: America’s Career Research Network Association- US Dept of Education.) While In College:  Fewer transfers & switching of majors  Graduate on time  More motivated & goal focused  Higher academic achievement After Graduation:  Better entry job with higher income  More satisfied with chosen career field  Less career change, faster career advancement

11 Absence of Career Planning is a major cause of: o Switching majors o College transfer o Dropout o Extended years in school Research by the US Department of Education and American College Testing shows: 51 % of U.S. college students entering 4 year colleges will transfer or dropout Of this 51 %: 30 % transfer to another college or change their major 20 % transfer 2X and require 6+ years to graduate 50% dropout completely

12 What Students Should Consider When Choosing a Major Is this major right for me---Career Testing Coursework required for this Major Type of career opportunities that this major will offer Educational level required for those career opportunities Employment outlook—National, State and Regional Average salary levels---National, State and Regional Advice from experts in the field and type of work required

13 Steps to a Good Career Search Self Assessment Research and Exploration Career Plan

14 CAREER TESTING CHOICES by Bridges (ONLINE) FOCUS 2 by Career Dimensions Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

15 Why Choices? Interest Profiler Basic Skills Survey Work Importance Locator 650+ O*NET occupations Career Area Checklist 7,000+ colleges and graduate schools 1,000+ college website links 400+ career videos 2000+ scholarship opportunities

16 Make a Good Choice

17 Career Decision Making Class ACSK 140 ACSK 140 is a half-semester, one-credit hour course The class is taught primarily online. Students are required to take career tests in this course

18 Career Counseling Center Website

19 UL Lafayette Majors

20 Inform Your Students About Our Services An appointment is NOT needed to use the Center The Center is a free service to students Career Testing available Choices by Bridges FOCUS 2 by Career Dimensions, Inc. The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Informational materials Career Class-Career Decision Making Counseling

21 Career Counseling Center 337.482.5431 Offering Help with “Major” Decisions Career Testing Software Career Counseling Career Decision Making Course (ACSK 140) The Career Counseling Center’s hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM M-TH 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM F Most services are FREE to current UL Lafayette students. Please bring your UL Lafayette I.D. with you when visiting our Center.

22 Exploring CAREER SERVICES Conference Center, Room 104

23 Customers of Career Services Students Alumni Employers Faculty & Staff

24 Services for Students Job Listings On Campus Interviewing Co-op Program Career & Recruitment Days Workshops Resume Writing Assistance Resource Room Guest Speakers


26 Services for Students: Career Services Online Part-time Full-time Internships Co-op positions Summer Many local employers as well as employers nationwide are posting jobs for all UL Lafayette students and alumni in CAREER SERVICES ONLINE.

27 Career Services Online

28 On-Campus Employment UL Lafayette College Work Study Office – Foster Hall 2 nd Floor Off-Campus Employment UL Lafayette Career Services – Conference Center Room 104

29 Online Resources Offered by Career Services  Search & apply for a job, upload your resume, register for Career Events, & sign up for mock interviews.  Watch short videos online to help improve your job search and the steps to landing it.  Quickly and effortlessly create essential professional resumes and cover letters with this online program.  Search through all majors and discover what careers are available to match your interests.  Read blogs from professionals regarding career concerns and opportunities.

30 Services for Students: On-Campus Interviewing Each semester Career Services coordinates approximately 40 – 50 employer visits on campus to interview students for Full-time, Internship & Co-op positions.

31 Services for Students: Cooperative Education Program Cooperative Education is a supervised educational program for qualified students which integrates periods of academic study with periods of paid, professional work experience. Benefits of a Co-op: Retain Full Time student status Gain real world experience Earn $ while you learn

32 Services for Students: CAREER FAIRS Representatives from Major Companies & Agencies attend Recruiters from Graduate & Professional Schools attend

33 CAREER EVENTS Campus wide Career Days Business, Government, Liberal Arts, General Day Engineering, Sciences, Technology Day Nursing & Allied Health Day Teacher Recruitment Day Liberal Arts Day

34 Services for Students: Workshops/Events Resume Writing Interviewing Tips Mock Interviews Employer Panels Dining/Business Etiquette

35 Services for Students: Individual Appointments Students may contact our office to schedule an appointment for individual advising with a staff member during any phase of their career planning or job search process.

36 CAREER SERVICES Conference Center, Room 104 Monday – Thursday: 7:30 – 5:00 Friday: 7:30 – 12:30 482-1444

37 Encourage your Students to Take Action Encourage your Students to Take Action Visit the Career Counseling Center and talk to the counselor and use the tools available at the Center Join a student organization in your field Seek out professionals in the field and ask questions Research your career options by attending a career fair on campus Try a volunteering in your community Think about an internship or summer job in your area of study Let Career Services assist you in preparing your resume and seeking out just the right job.

38 Test To receive Advisor Training credit (for advising awards) please right click here and select “Open Hyperlink”. After completion, save the file as your name; then attach the file in an email to or print and send your answers through campus mail to Bette Harris c/o Academic Success Center.right click here

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