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Advanced Digital Photography. Introductions Who Why What.

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1 Advanced Digital Photography

2 Introductions Who Why What

3 Course will cover Exposure Depth of Field Manual Mode Histogram Lighting White balance Motion Control Portraiture Macro photography Flash photography Composition ‘Rules’

4 Photography Tell a story Stir emotion Document an event Artistic

5 Light Select subject Compose the shot Set the exposure good photograph Photography means light drawing

6 Exposure

7 How much light?

8 Source of the light

9 Time of day Midday sun Sharp-edged shadows High contrast Shaded areas – limited or no detail Sunlit areas – bright colors Dramatic effect Dawn, dusk, (or cloudy days) Soft light Limited or no shadows Subtle tones more visible Less dramatic, more warmth






15 ISO International Organization for Standardization ISOSituations 100 - 200Bright sunny day 400Hazy day 600+Need stop motion 1600+Low lighting Higher the ISO > Noise refers to ‘film’ speed indicate the relative amount of light necessary to give a proper exposure.

16 Noise

17 Exposure Aperture Size of lens opening, like pupil of your eye f/22 small opening – f/4 large opening Determines depth of field Shutter Speed Length of time aperture is open Measured in fractions of seconds Use tripod if speed slower than 1/125 Above 1/500 can typically freeze action

18 Apertures

19 Depth of Field Distance or part of the picture that is in focus f/18 … … f/4.5



22 ISO Aperture Shutter Speed Correct Exposure????

23 Metering


25 -2

26 +2

27 Metering Camera Settings Evaluative – Standard, average of whole picture – Balanced exposure Partial – Less area used to meter (9% from center) Center Weight – Small area in the center to meter (4% from center)

28 Cannon

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