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Influences of Popular View on FITNESS. What are we looking at??? We are looking at the influence that Popular View and Healthism have on fitness, and.

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1 Influences of Popular View on FITNESS

2 What are we looking at??? We are looking at the influence that Popular View and Healthism have on fitness, and the effect it has on our participation in Zumba.

3 First – What is Popular View?? Popular View refers to popular opinion. It is the belief that is shared by most people. It often is the message that is given to us by our society about a particular subject. In this case, the Popular View says we need to look a certain way, be fit and healthy to be fully accepted by society. We are going to look at the impact this has on Fitness and Body Image...

4 So what is the Popular View about the IDEAL BODY???? Brainstorm/discuss what the popular view is on the “ideal body”. Do any of these fit your descriptions by any chance??

5 Where do we get our messages from?? TV is a huge influence on shaping our ideas about the ‘ideal’ body. This is based on the actors that are chosen to star in Movies, TV programmes and ads. Also magazines put out images that draw us in, and make us want to look like that.

6 So what are the positives?? This view promotes people to want to look good, eat right, and exercise so they can stay healthy. It motivates people to exercise and keep fit so they too can fall into this category of the ‘ideal body’

7 What are the problems with this ‘ideal’ body shape : Most of our views of the ideal body is construed due to the power of photoshop Nobody uses pure models on adverts these days due to photoshop – the only place you find them is on the catwalk. Because of this only 2% of woman find their body sexy or attractive What else??

8 Before and after photoshop

9 Barbie... Even childhood toys like Barbie give the wrong impression about the ideal body. Her makeup would be physically impossible.

10 What does it mean to be Fit?? Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. According to US Health Department being Physically Fit means = "a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity" (USDHHS, 1996).

11 What about these stereotypes? “skinny means that you are healthy” “if you are fat you are unhealthy”

12 What is Healthism?? It is a lifestyle that prioritizes health and fitness over anything else It is where people take the idea of being ‘healthy’ to the extremes and they analyse every activity they do as being ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.


14 Healthism – Good or Bad? GOOD Healthism gives the idea to live a healthy lifestyle. This means eat healthy, exercise regularly, keep active. BAD This leads to people over analysing their diet = feel bad or guilty when they eat ‘naughty’ foods = decreases their mental health and self confidence = promotes eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia BAD This leads to people focusing on exercise = spend more time exercising than with the finer things in life, like family, friends, = loss of friends, relationships = more injuries due to overload on the body etc.

15 According to Popular View, there are 3 main reasons that we participate in fitness activities to help us get fit and healthy. They are: 1. To increase fitness for a sport, so we can be better than the opposition. 2. To stay healthy and reduce the chance of getting sick. 3. To loose weight (or gain muscles) so we can be closer to the ‘ideal’ body shape/type.

16 What are all the different types of FITNESS ACTIVITIES?


18 Zumba Ad jE jE

19 What did you notice from this ad (messages)? Are there any Stereotypes about Zumba?

20 Who is advantaged and disadvantaged by these messages? ADVANTAGEDDISADVANTAGED

21 How do these messages support the idea of the ‘ideal’ body? How?Why?

22 What are the types of people who could be affected by these messages?? OTHERS:

23 What are the positive implications (consequences) of Zumba?? There are many benefits of staying fit and healthy. Regular exercise helps us to: Live longer – It is a fact that people who exercise regularly, drink alcohol only in moderation, consume a nutritious diet and avoid smoking can tack an additional 14 years on to their life expectancy14 years Keep medical costs down – By reducing the chance of getting sick or injured, you will in fact have lower medical bills as you won’t need to go to the doctors, physio, chiropractor etc as often. This will also have a huge effect on the national health system as the government wont have to fork out as much $$ for health related illnesses or sickness benefits. Avoid illness or diseases – exercise promotes the release of toxins associated with disease and infections. It helps to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), promote healthy cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of diabetes, and keep your heart in working order!

24 What are the positive implications (consequences) of Zumba?? Ideas: Leads to? Benefits of doing exerciseLive Longer, lower medical bills, reduce chance of illness

25 What are the negative implications (consequences) of Zumba?? IdeaWhy?

26 What can we do about it?? Need to reduce Obesity, BUT promote the idea that being ‘healthy’ is not being thin. What about ZUMBA??

27 What systems can help? Important Messages Ministry of Health funded projects: Green Prescription – on-going help/support to get you active and change lifestyles including phone calls, meetings, access to activities. Push Play - 30 minutes a day of exercise including walking to work/school, mowing the lawns or exercise activities. 5+ a day – eating 5 servings of fresh fruit and veg every day Bikewise and Travelwise – projects to get people out of cars, but stay safe on the streets.

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