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Conference On Immigration and Integration in Ireland for Indian Nationals Venue Trinity College Dublin Date: July 26 th, 2007

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1 Conference On Immigration and Integration in Ireland for Indian Nationals Venue Trinity College Dublin Date: July 26 th, 2007

2 Introduction Ireland has come a long way from being a nation of immigrants. The country now takes its pride of place among the world’s most prosperous and progressive nations and has in recent times witnessed a role reversal of becoming a country of immigrants, a trend that is set to continue. As in any other part of the world, the Indian Diaspora has been a catalyst for cultural and economic enrichment in Ireland and has a decidedly play a important role in steering the country forward in the coming years. Recognising the need to consolidate legislation and streamline policy, the creation of a new ministry Integration Policy under the dynamic leadership of Honourable Mr. Conor Lenihan is a welcome move. The Ireland-India Council (IIC), an organisation formally established in 2002 with the objective of promoting cultural, social and business interaction between the Ireland and India representing the immigrant Indian community in Ireland and voice its views, suggestions and constructive recommendations on the development of comprehensive policy in the field of Immigration and Integration to improve the system and legislation both.

3 Summary of Key issues The central issues of rights and entitlements of immigrants should form the cornerstone of any immigration policy and should be reflected in practice The Integration policy should facilitate effective coordination among concerned departments such as Foreign Affairs, Trade and Employment, Education and the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform Powers and jurisdiction of Immigration Officers should be codified The legislation needs to be specific about grounds for visa application and refusal Customer services in all areas concerning immigration should be made more efficient and user friendly

4 Summary of Key issues Continued.. The Visa processing system for Indian nationals needs to be simplified and improved in terms of speed and efficiency. A single window processing system at the Irish Embassy in India should be introduced Immigrant right to family should be on par with that of citizens. Immigrant spouses should be granted the automatic right to employment and dependents and parents should be granted permission to join immigrant sponsor Loopholes in the work permit system that expose economic immigrants to risk of exploitation by employers should be eliminated and human rights of work permit holders should be facilitated in the policy

5 Summary of Key issues Continued.. The welfare of Non-EU students and their contribution to the country should take precedence over material considerations. Steps should be taken to facilitate increased collaboration and exchange between local and international talent Mechanism for recognition of degrees and diplomas in both countries Engagement of both Governments for a agreement to exchange the driving licences and incorporation of a system to recognise insurance history / insurance of the individuals Long term multiple entry visit visa for the family members of the Indian nationals living in Ireland, so that their family members freely visit in emergency or when they want to visit To recognise Indian joint family system

6 Opinions and recommendations Structural Reform VISAS Family Life Admission for the Purpose of Work, Self-Employment and Research Admission for the Purpose of Study Brain Drain Exchange of Driving Licence Recognition of qualifications Insurance Indian joint family system Long term multiple entry visa for family members

7 Conclusion The Ireland-India Council reiterates the importance to make old and new communities feel that they are the part of same society and that they can rely on democratic process and institutions. Closer co-operation between the Irish and Indian institutions also required. To establish a multicultural Society is a challenge for all. We will improve conditions in both our social, public and private spheres if we improve our ability to deal with emotions and take advantage of positive economic effects of multicultural society, reach a board consensus on a common positive vision of the future, by holding a social debate in the public sphere on multicultural society and immigration. It would be a sustainable process to create a culture of shared values, one which is better for the future – you me, all of us.


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