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Team Building and Team Training

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1 Team Building and Team Training
Chapter 17 17-1

2 What is Team Building? Organizational development intervention that focuses on improving the operations of work teams Variety of perspectives emphasize different goals and approaches Ongoing process 17-2

3 What is Team Building? Organizational Context of Team Building
Build relationship between team and organization Organization’s culture impacts support for team building Evaluating Team Building Programs Organizations overlook importance because: Lack expertise in team building Do not understand benefits of team building Team members reluctant to participate 17-3

4 What is Team Building? Evaluating Team-Building Programs
Successful programs should improve: Communication Satisfaction Cohesion Success depends on: Support of top management Organizational rewards Time 17-4

5 What is Team Building? Evaluating Team-Building Programs
Criteria and effectiveness of specific programs Cognitive (knowledge of teamwork) Goal-setting and role-clarification Affective (trust and team potency) Team process (coordination and communication) Performance Focus on task issues No one best approach 17-5

6 Does Your Team Need Team Building?

7 Does Your Team Need Team Building?

8 Types of Team-Building Programs
Goal Setting Role Definition Negotiation approach Group process observers Interpersonal Process Skills Activities/exercises to practice & analyze skills Process consultants 17-8

9 Types of Team-Building Programs
Cohesion Building Benefits: Strengthen morale Increase trust and cooperation Develop group identity Types: Outdoor experience program Charity activities Problem Solving Problem identification and analysis Diagnostic session Develop action plan 17-9

10 Team Training Training the Team Together
Develops mental model and transactive memory Creates a supportive team climate for new skills performance Planning for the Transfer of Training Factors affecting transfer: Training environment Time lag Cues Supervisor support Strategies that encourage transfer: Practice and feedback Supportive team climate 17-10

11 Types of Training Team Resource Management Training
Classroom training & practice in simulators Benefits: Reduces errors and accidents Improves teamwork Increases efficiency Assertiveness training 17-11

12 Types of Training Cross-Training and Interpositional Training
Pay for skills program On-the-job training Leads to shared mental models Coordination Performance Types: Positional clarification Positional modeling Positional rotation 17-12

13 Types of Training Action Learning Components: Culture of learning
Problem or challenge Learning team Learning coach Insightful questioning and reflective listening Taking action Commitment to learning Culture of learning 17-13

14 17-13

15 17-15

16 17-16

17 17-17

18 Activity Continued 17-18

19 17-19

20 17-20

21 Activity Continued 17-21

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