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Conducting ONLINE SURVEYS Valerie M. Sue, Ph.D.. ntroduction 1.

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1 Conducting ONLINE SURVEYS Valerie M. Sue, Ph.D.

2 ntroduction 1.

3 Learn ng Objectives Identify the purposes of survey research 1 Define the characteristics of a survey 2 Outline the steps in the survey process 3 Evaluate survey administration methods 4 Determine when an online survey is useful 5

4 Process Research

5 5 Research purpose Research goal Research objective

6 Research Purpose 1 Exploratory 2 Descriptive 3 Explanatory

7 Identify the research purpose A survey to gauge employee satisfaction. A public opinion poll of registered voters before an election campaign. A survey of online shoppers focused on shopping cart abandonment.

8 Research Goal General statement outlining the aim of the research. Establish an assessment plan for the department.

9 Research Objectives Specific statements about what will be measured. To determine the number of projects completed in the department. To uncover inefficiencies in departmental processes.

10 Research objectives should be

11 What is a Survey

12 A survey is a system for collecting information

13 used to describe, explain or predict

14 knowledge, attitudes or behaviors.

15 Process Research Survey

16 Define survey objectives or hypotheses

17 Conduct literature review Consult with subject matter experts

18 Conduct preliminary research: focus groups, interviews

19 Choose survey method: e-mail, website, mobile

20 Evaluate sampling options Draft questionnaire & invitation

21 Design & select sample Pretest questionnaire & invitation

22 Launch survey, monitor responses, send reminders

23 Download, clean & analyze data

24 Prepare report & present findings

25 Postal mail Telephone interview Face-to- face interview E-mail WebsiteMobile Survey Modes

26 26 Evaluate pros & cons of each method

27 Postal Mail

28 Telephone Interviews

29 Face-to-Face Interviews

30 Online Surveys

31 Timeline Research Survey

32 Define survey objectives Begin literature review Week 1 Continue literature review Review objectives with experts Week 2

33 Revise objectives Conduct preliminary research Choose survey method Week 3 Select sampling strategy Locate or create sampling frame Week 4

34 Draft questionnaire & invitation Week 5 Pretest questionnaire & invitation Revise questionnaire & invitation Week 6

35 Launch survey Send reminders Week 7 Send additional reminders Week 8

36 Download & clean data Analyze data Week 9 Continue data analysis Write first draft of report Week 10

37 Write second draft of report Week 11 Finalize report Prepare presentation Week 12

38 Present survey results Week 13

39 Summary

40 Use an Online Survey if 1 Sample is large & widely distributed 2 Timeline is short 3 Topic is sensitive 4 Audience has access to necessary technology 5 Sampling frame is available 6 Convenience sample is adequate 7 Multi-media features would enhance project 8 Staff has technological capability

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