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The Art of the Interview Presented by: Lovell Brigham, MAPD Dewotta Gossett, MBA March 27, 2014.

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1 The Art of the Interview Presented by: Lovell Brigham, MAPD Dewotta Gossett, MBA March 27, 2014

2 Agenda I.Introduction II.What is the problem? III.From the eyes of the recruiter IV.Do’s and Don’ts V.Know your message VI.It’s all in the presentation VII. Addressing sensitive issues VIII.Go get the job!

3 What is the problem? How does your resume look and what does it say? – Detailed job description – Specific examples – Hard numbers or budgets Is it how you answer questions? – Give examples that highlight your strengths – Know what you want to say – Explain how you could do the job and link to your qualifications Is it your appearance? – Dress for the job you want – Always wear professional attire – Look pleasant and at ease during the interview

4 Remember First Impression/Perception Communication/Speech Attitude/Body Language Dress yourself for success!!!

5 “From the eyes of the Recruiter”

6 What type of selection methods are used: InterviewsCompetency Test Behavioral TestWork Samples References and Biographical DataPhysical Ability Test

7 Interview Questions 1.Tell me a little about yourself? 2.What were your current job duties? 3.What are your strengths? 4.What would be an area of improvement you would like to work on personally? 5.Why are you interested in working at this company?

8 Do’s and Don’ts

9 Phone Interview Do’s Be available at the time of the interview Be polite and calm when answering the phone Be prepared (i.e. have resume to refer to) Answer all questions Have questions Close the interview Don’ts Be unavailable or late Answer in a frustrated, yelling or confused voice Be unprepared (i.e. not knowing what’s on your resume) Leave questions unanswered Not ask questions Leave the interview open

10 Resume Information Do’s Include contact information State your objective Highlight your skills List your past employment Include duties/responsibilities Don’ts Include outdated contact information Be unsure of what you are looking for Keep your skills a secret Include just your previous job Put too much wording in listing your duties/responsibilities

11 Know Your Message Develop your story – Identify a situation in advance that shows how you overcame an obstacle. – Be prepared to use this example to show something positive you have done or as an example of overcoming an obstacle. – In either situation, paint yourself in a positive role.

12 The Presentation Your interview is a presentation. Consider it showtime! – Prepare Know the company and information about the interviewer. – Practice Practice key message points and how to weave them into the interview. – Present Present yourself as poised and confident.

13 Sensitive Issues Your personal business – Personal health is not to be shared Family – Daycare issues or caring for family member should not be discussed Financial state – Your financial needs such as bills owed is not the company’s responsibility Background – Make sure you are aware of your status. (i.e. Pending charges)

14 Go Get the Job! 1.Summarize at the end the complimentary match between your skills and the job requirements. 2.Keep your enthusiasm from the beginning of the interview until you walk out of the door. 3.Ask for the job! Conclude the interview by saying you would love to be a part of team. 4.Always say “Thank You” for the interview and Follow-up on your interview with a “Thank You!”

15 Conclusion The Art of the Interview In the “Art of the Interview,” you are the artist. You can tell your story better than anyone else. But you must tell it!

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