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Implementation of Environmental Accounts Leo Kolttola XIV April international academic conference on economic and social development HSE, Moscow 3.4.2013.

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1 Implementation of Environmental Accounts Leo Kolttola XIV April international academic conference on economic and social development HSE, Moscow 3.4.2013

2 Contents Elements of Environmental accounts Organization of Statistics Finland Environmental Accounts in Statistics Finland Other relevant statistics Use of environmental accounts Lessons learned International consultation April 20132Leo Kolttola

3 Elements of environmental accounts 17.1.20123 Scope Accounting principle Natural resources (stocks) Depletation / degradation (flows) Environmental protection Physical Resource balancesMaterial flow accounts (MFA) Hybrid Physical/monetary input- output analysis,NAMEA Monetary, disaggregation of SNA Values of stocksEnvironmental expenditures, EGSS, environmental taxes and subsidies Monetary accouts, adjustments of SNA Valuation of depletion of natural resources and environmantal degaradation, adjusted macroindicators, footprint indicators etc. Leo Kolttola

4 April 20134Leo Kolttola

5 April 20135 Standards and Methods Population and Social Statistics Economic and Environmental Statistics Business Statistics Information Services Office of Director General Administration Information Technology Data Collection Environment and Energy Greenhouse Gas Inventory Environmental Accounts Environmental Statistics Energy Statistics National Accounts Organisation Leo Kolttola

6 Advisor group for environmental accounts Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry of Employment and the Economy Ministry of the Environment Government Institute for Econnomic Research Forest Research Institute Geological Survey of Finland Finnish Environment Institute Thule Institute (University of Oulu) Confederation of Finnish Industries April 20136Leo Kolttola

7 Regulation base of environmental accounts in the EU April 2013 1st phase Regulation 7/2011 Air emissions accounts Environmentally related taxes by economic activity Economy-wide material flow accounts 2nd phase regulation 2015? Energy accounts Environmental protection expenditures Environmental goods and services sector 3rd phase Waste accounts Water accounts RUMEA,… 7Leo Kolttola

8 ModulesPublication in Statistics Finland EU regulationUN SEEA Economy-wide material flow accounts First publication 11/2011 Time series 1970- First data delivery to Eurostat at 2013 Flows Waste StatisticsTime series 1994-Waste statistics regulation 2004- Flows Land useNational Land Survey of Finland 2000- -Stocks April 2013Leo Kolttola SEEA physical flow accounts 8

9 SEEA monetary flow accounts ModulesPublication in Statistics Finland EU regulationUN SEEA EPE - IndustryTime series 1992-Regulation 2015?Environmental protection EPE –Public sectorTime series 1994-Regulation 2015?Environmental protection Environmentally related taxes Time series 1980-Reported yearlyEnvironmental protection Environmentally related taxes by economic activity Grants-project 2011-2012 Regulation 7/2011Environmental protection EGSSTime series 2009-Regulation 2015?Environmental protection April 2013Leo Kolttola9

10 ModulesPublication in Statistics Finland EU regulationUN SEEA Forest accountsTime series 1980- -Flows Air emissions accounts NAMEA-air Publication 2012 Time series 1995- Regulation 7/2011Flows Energy AccountsGrants-project 2012-2013 Regulation 2015?Flows April 2013Leo Kolttola SEEA hybrid accounts 10

11 Current Environmental Accounts Environmental expenditures by industry Environmental expenditures by public sector Environmental taxes by tax type Statistics on the environmental goods and services sector Material flow accounts Forest accounts Many pilot studies since 1980’s 11April 2013Leo Kolttola

12 Development Projects Air emissions accounts Environmentally related taxes by economic activity Environmental protection expenditure of public sector Energy accounts April 2013Leo Kolttola12

13 Current environmental statistics Environmental Statistics Yearbook Statistics and data from other organisations than Stat.Fi Waste statistics (EU regulation) Agreement between Statistics Finland and Finnish Environment Institute Coordination of environmental and natural resource statistics outside Statistics Finland Ministries of Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, and Employment and the Economy 13April 2013Leo Kolttola

14 Current energy statistics Quarterly energy prices Quarterly energy supply and consumption Energy use in manufacturing Production of electricity and heat Consumption of hard coal Energy balances EU Energy statistics regulation Agreements with branch organisations etc. Reporting to IEA and EU 14April 2013Leo Kolttola

15 National Greenhouse Gas Inventory The Kyoto Protocol identifies the National System of Greenhouse Gas Inventory. In addition to the annual calculations, the system is used to produce estimates about the actual effects of the climate policy and forecasts for future development. Agreements between the inventory unit and expert organisations Quality management. Communication with the UNFCCC, co-ordination of participation in reviews 15April 2013Leo Kolttola

16 Integrated data system The system contains all unit level data of our own surveys and unit level data imported from other organisations Tools to manage the surveys, to edit the data, to analyse the results and to tabulate the reports Waste statistics, environmental accounting, energy statistics and greenhouse gas inventory use the system Need to integrate some additional data by economic activity (NACE) to the system 16April 2013Leo Kolttola

17 Environmental goods and services sector Sample framework is based on Prodcom-statistics (industry) and NACE (service sector). Industry: included, if produces specified products (list of EGSS products from Eurostat) Service sector: NACE classes that could include EGSS products Data is collected by web based data collection directly from enterprices Total sample is around 2000 establishments April 201317Leo Kolttola

18 Key indicators used on permanent basis in the main indicator sets Greenhouse gas emissions Total energy consumption Generation and treatment of municipal waste Total material requirements Share of renewable energy April 201318Leo Kolttola

19 Main dissemination tools Statistics Finland’s internet site topic: Environment and Natural Resources Environmental Accounts theme pages (only in Finnish at the moment) Environment Statistics Yearbook and CD-ROM Findicator - April 201319Leo Kolttola

20 Main policy interests linked to EA Sustainable development Green Growth Resource productivity Bioeconomy Measurement of well-being April 201320Leo Kolttola

21 Lessons learned Involvement of all necessary expertise inside SF High level steering group, with the research community Increased harmonization of the data in the basic level Consistency with national accounts Building systems working on regular basis Promotion of environmental accounts Building of co-operation network Communication April 201321Leo Kolttola

22 International consulting Former Soviet Union countries: Latvia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan funded by EU and World Bank Russia: bilateral co-operation since 1990’s Missions also to Turkey and Creece Environmental statistics and accounts and energy statistics April 201322Leo Kolttola

23 Lessons learned Setting national priorities Co-operation inside NSO and with other governmental organizations In former Soviet countries: balance of resources between the headquarters and regional/local offices Traditionally of the national statistical system is based on surveys (censuses) good resources for implementation of surveys, less resources for use of other data sources and for the use of samples April 201323Leo Kolttola

24 Thank you! April 201324Leo Kolttola

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