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Celia Russell Economic and Social Data Service University of Manchester November 2008 Aggregate data resources: the UK in Europe.

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1 Celia Russell Economic and Social Data Service University of Manchester November 2008 Aggregate data resources: the UK in Europe

2 Structure of the day The UK in Europe: Data resources in ESDS ESDS International ESDS Qualidata ESDS Government European microdata from Eurostat Tanvi – accessing the surveys Jo – survey content Lunch Linking data session Countries and Citizens Multilevel modelling Hands-on Play around with Beyond 20/20, Nesstar and Countries and Citizens

3 The Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) national data archiving and dissemination service for social science data principle data service for UK academic social science community provides help and data support available at core archiving services plus four specialist data services

4 Specialist data services ESDS International ESDS Government ESDS Longitudinal ESDS Qualidata provide: dedicated web sites data and documentation enhancements user support training


6 ESDS International provides free web-based access to key international macro level databanks helps users locate and acquire international micro level datasets promotes the use of international datasets in research and teaching across a range of disciplines is run by MIMAS at the University of Manchester and the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex

7 ESDS International is split into two types of data: Aggregate or macro data is data that has been aggregated to a country or regional level. This type of data is typically produced by inter-governmental organisations like the UN or World Bank. All the aggregate databanks contain time series data. Survey or micro data is data about individuals. This type of data is typically produced by an organisation in the academic sector and looks at values and attitudes.

8 Macro International Data Providers International Monetary Fund (IMF) Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) United Nations (UN) World Bank Eurostat International Labour Organisation (ILO) UK Office for National Statistics International Energy Agency

9 International Data Themes Databanks cover: economic performance and development trade, industry and markets employment demography, migration and health governance human development social expenditure education science and technology land use and the environment energy

10 Accessing the Data freely available to UK FE and HE access via Athens authentication and ESDS online registration special conditions may also apply delivered over the web via Beyond 20/20 Web Data Server (WDS) download formats include *.xls, *.csv and *.ivt

11 Associated dataset documentation The following supporting documentation is provided for each dataset: Dataset overview Comprehensive dataset guide Software Guide to accessing dataset using Beyond 20/20 WDS Metadata (MIMAS, UKDA and IESR)



14 IMF databanks International Financial Statistics Government Finance Statistics Balance of Payments Statistics Direction of Trade World Economic Outlook The five major databanks produced by the IMF contain data on national accounts, trade, the balance of payments and government spending for around 190 countries. Collectively, they provide a global picture of economic development and international trade over the last 50 years.

15 Example from the IMF World Economic Outlook

16 World Bank Databases Collects data on all aspects of human development worldwide Annual data, designed for international comparability World Development Indicators Global Development Finance

17 Example from the World Development Indicators

18 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. OECD Education Statistics OECD Globalisation OECD International Development OECD International Direct Investment Statistics OECD International Migration Statistics OECD International Trade by Commodities Statistics OECD Main Economic Indicators OECD Main Science and Technology Indicators OECD National Accounts OECD Quarterly Labour Force Statistics OECD Services Statistics OECD Social Expenditure Database OECD STructural ANalysis

19 Example from the OECD Main Science and Technology Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D

20 National Statistics and Eurostat National Statistics Time series data is a comprehensive database of more than 40,000 economic and socio- economic time series for the UK Eurostat New Cronos is the main database produced by the EUs statistical office, containing detailed harmonised data on a range of social and economic themes at a national and regional level for EU member countries


22 Example from Eurostat: flights from Manchester airport




26 UN and its agencies The UN Common database has been used for many years by the UN internally as a basis for the formulation of policy. Covers a huge range of human development topics including health, culture, family life, education and the environment The International Labour Organisations Key Indicators of the Labour Market The UNIDO Industrial Statistics and Demand Supply databanks cover employment and trade world-wide, broken down by country and manufacturing sector.

27 Example from the ILO

28 International Energy Agency Databases cover around 130 countries The majority of the IEA datasets contain annual time series data from 1960 onwards Cover energy production, consumption, stocks, prices

29 Example from IEA: CO2 emissions from electricity generation

30 Human Fertility Rates in Europe

31 Case Studies - £50 reward!

32 ESDS International Annual Conference 2008 London, 1 st December 2008 Speakers from the IMF, International Energy Agency, OECD and International Labour Organisation, Department for International Development. Free to attend but booking is essential!

33 OK, lets try some hands-on! For today, use Username: mide-esds Password: esds2008

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