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CREATING ACCESSIBLE DOCUMENTS Karen Wilson, Web Designer Web Services x6147.

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1 CREATING ACCESSIBLE DOCUMENTS Karen Wilson, Web Designer Web Services x6147

2 REGULATIONS  Section 508 of The Rehabilitation Act  Electronic and Information Technology  Currently going through modifications to move away from web accessibility standards from the late 1990s  WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0)  Standards that the new Section 508 rule is going to reference

3 SWOSU WEBSITE  Redesign that will address many accessibility issues  How will departments be involved?  Information submitted to post on the SWOSU website  Media (audio and video) must contain captions  Electronic documents  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. must be accessible

4 CONTENT REVIEW  Determine the purpose and intended audience  Writing should match the way users read on website  Headings and subheadings are scanned  Content should be written in short, concise paragraphs  Most important information needs to be placed “above the fold” to ensure that it is visible to a reader who does not scroll  Content should be written to work as a stand-alone webpage and not presume that the reader has arrived through a certain path  Page title must be meaningful and reflect the content of a webpage  Extremely important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

5 CONTENT REVIEW  Links should be descriptive of the information they link to  Example: “Online University Application” NOT “Click Here to Apply”  Images should not contain important text, such as headings  Captions must be used for audio and video  If accessibility standards cannot be met, the information should be available by alternative means

6 ORIGINAL DOCUMENT IN WORD   Create document  Run “Check Accessibility”  File / Info / Inspect Document  Convert to PDF

7 ACROBAT XI PRO   Run “Make Accessible” wizard  Tools / Action Wizard / Make Accessible  TURO (TouchUp Reading Order)

8 WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?  Install Acrobat XI Pro  Compile list of existing documents on website  Filtered list on Publications Database  Random documents linked within the department website  Find original documents, if possible, and work through accessibility issues OR recreate documents with proper accessibility steps taken  Convert to PDF, if necessary, making sure the file passes accessibility standards  Send updated files to Web Services (Hayden Harrington)

9 TIMELINE  August 1, 2015-have updated accessible documents to Web Services  NOTE: This deadline is dependent upon individuals having access to Acrobat X Pro or Acrobat XI Pro by June 2015.  The goal is to meet accessibility standards on 100% of electronic documents by the beginning of Fall 2015 semester  Early summer  Similar workshop as a refresher or for additional department employees

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