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CM143 - Web Week 2 Basic HTML. Links and Image Tags.

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1 CM143 - Web Week 2 Basic HTML. Links and Image Tags.

2 Basic HTML Tags contain certain data inside them and define this data. Tags are opened and closed around the information they define This is the title of the page! As the complexity of the page builds, tags next inside each other with areas of increasing definition. A word might be in an emphasis tag, inside a paragraph tag, inside the body of the page, within the html for the document

3 Sections of the HTML document HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standardised code in which web pages are written, allowing browsers (Firefox, IE, etc) to interpret and display them HTML docs have a and – The head contains information on the type of code standard the document might be using, functions or programming that may be used in displaying the page (e.g. Javascript), Meta information and the title – The body contains the part of the page to be displayed

4 The tag displays as the web page title across in the task bar or header bar of the browser tags must be opened and closed around the title The head may also contain definitions for the standards used in the code of the page, or scripts which are used as part of the page (More on this later in your degree!) Meta data in the head might include information on the author, or keywords and descriptions of the page. These are not seen by the viewer in the browser but help to define the page for search engines

5 The body is the part of the webpage displayed in the browser window Some of the most basic and useful tags include the paragraph and the image and link tags. tags must be opened and closed around the paragraph they define. Break tags are not opened and closed as a pair, but define a line break and are inserted where a new line is needed

6 Images Image tags define the source of an image (the location of the file to be displayed), the dimensions (width and height) and the alternative text – text to be displayed if the browser is unable to load the image itself Image tags, like tags are not a pair, but a single tag containing this info on the image

7 Links Link tags are an anchor that is opened and closed around a piece of text or an image and makes that content become a hyperlink Links contain a hypertext reference (href) telling the browser where to send the user when the piece of text inside the link tag is clicked Click here Note that the url in the href must contain the http://

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