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Designing Lessons to Enhance Student Learning… Today’s Agenda Welcome and Introductions Planning for Instruction Lunch Work Session Sharing.

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2 Designing Lessons to Enhance Student Learning…

3 Today’s Agenda Welcome and Introductions Planning for Instruction Lunch Work Session Sharing

4 Why Plan? Plan Ahea d

5 What is a lesson plan? Teacher’s guide Design for the learning of the student Series of student centered learning Focused on what the student needs to know and be able to do Covers one day or several days Allows for the teachable moment

6 Experienced Teacher Standards 1.Demonstrates Professional Leadership 2.Demonstrates Knowledge of Content 3.Designs and Plans Instruction 4.Creates and Maintains Learning Climate 5.Implements/Manages Instruction 6.Assesses and communicates Learning Results 7.Collaborates with Colleagues/Parents/Others 8.Engages in Professional Development

7 Performance Criteria for Designs and Plans Instruction Standard 3

8 Performance Criteria for Standard 3 Focuses instruction on one or more of KY’s learning goals and academic expectations Develops instruction that requires students to apply knowledge, skills, and thinking processes Integrates skills, thinking processes, and content across disciplines Creates/utilizes learning experiences that challenge, motivate, and actively involve the learner Creates and uses learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for learners

9 Performance Criteria for Standard 3 Develops and incorporates strategies that address physical, social, and cultural diversity and that show sensitivity to others Arranges the physical classroom to support the types of teaching and learning to occur Includes creative and appropriate use of technology to improve student learning Develops and implements appropriate assessment processes

10 Performance Criteria for Standard 3 Secures/uses a variety of appropriate school and community resources to support learning Develops/incorporates learning experiences that encourage students to be adaptable\, flexible, resourceful, and creative Uses knowledge required from past teaching experiences to anticipate instructional challenges

11 How much time does the average teacher spend planning? Elementary Teachers spend 8.3 minutes of planning time per lesson. Middle and High School Teachers spend 13.5 minutes of planning time per lesson. Mayerson Academy, Cincinnati

12 Two Types of Assignments… Ineffective Assignments: –The teacher tells the class what is to be covered Chapter 7; Moby Dick; long division; ecosystems Effective Assignments: –The teacher tells the students what they are to have accomplished or mastered at the end of the lesson –Teach with the end in mind

13 Creating Effective Assignments… Think what you want the students to accomplish Write each step as a single sentence. Write in simple language Duplicate the list of steps and give it to the students

14 To teach for learning, use words, especially verbs, that show learning has taken place. Bloom’s Taxonomy –Knowledge –Comprehension –Application –Analysis –Synthesis –evaluation

15 Effective Assignments… Must have structure and be precise Structure –The assignment must have a consistent and familiar format that the students can recognize as their assignment –The assignment must be posted daily in a consistent location BEFORE students enter the room Preciseness –The assignment must state clearly and simply what the students are to ACCOMPLISH

16 Thinking About Lesson Planning Who Am I Planning For? What Am I Supposed To Do?

17 The Correct Question… DON’T ASK: “What am I going to cover tomorrow?” DO ASK: “What are my students going to learn, achieve, and accomplish tomorrow?” The role of the teacher is not to cover. The role of the teacher is to UNCOVER.

18 Learning has nothing to do with what the teacher COVERS. Learning has to do with what the student ACCOMPLISHES.

19 If the classroom is a fish bowl… Piranha Catfish Goldfish

20 Piranha….. Are usually the “trouble-makers” Can be passive aggressive or overtly aggressive Have negative attitude Have attendance problems Are “at risk” Etc., etc., etc……

21 Catfish….. Go with the flow Are usually good-natured, but have limited motivation Are social beings Tend to cooperate; follow MOST rules Perform to the average or just enough to stay out of trouble with mom/dad Etc., etc., etc……

22 Goldfish….. Are in the top 10-15% of their class Are “teacher pleasers” Are highly motivated to perform well Show enthusiasm for learning May be “over achievers” and /or high achievers Etc., etc., etc…….

23 Pre-Planning Strategies 1.Determine the learning styles of your students 2.Determine reading levels/skills of students 3.Inventory access to technology 4.Connect writing to what is being taught 5.Focus on academic expectations and core content 6.Establish a variety of instructional strategies

24 Essential Questions What do I want all students to know and be able to do at the end of this lesson? What will I do to cause this learning to happen? What will students do to facilitate this learning? How will I assess to find out if this learning happened? What will I do for those who show through assessment that the learning did not take place?

25 Think-Pair-Share “Best Practices” in Lesson Planning Some Guiding Principles Adapted From: 63 Ways of Teaching or Learning Anything by Gary Phillips and Maurice Gibbons

26 Thinking It Through… Lesson Content Learning Level Instructional Methods, Materials, Activities Student Activities Evaluation Tools, Strategies, Activities

27 Getting to Know Your Format Examine the Sand Gap Elementary Lesson Plan Format

28 The Lesson Plan Rubric Academic Focus Instructional Strategies Student Engagement Writing Strategy Reading Strategy Technology Strategy Assessment Strategy

29 Try It! Design lessons for the unit developed.

30 TRY IT!

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