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Problems During Prenatal Development & Prenatal Testing.

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1 Problems During Prenatal Development & Prenatal Testing

2 Ultrasound Sound waves make a video image Structural problems and multiple births can be detected; Least risk involved

3 3D/4D Ultrasound Pictures

4 Ultrasound Video

5 American Pregnancy Association Weekly Updates Prenatal Tests

6 Amniocentesis Amniotic fluid is withdrawn for testing Occurs: Weeks 14-20 Reason: – Health care provider recommended following an abnormal triple test result – Identifying chromosome abnormalities, neural tube defects, and other inherited disorders Down syndrome / Trisomy 21 Accuracy: 98-99% Risk: – 1/200 women who have this procedure miscarry Due to infection of the uterus, preterm labor

7 Amniocentesis

8 Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS) Tissue around the fetus is taken for testing Trans cervical Or Trans abdominal Occurs: During weeks 10-13 Reason: – Identifying chromosome abnormalities and other inherited disorders Does not allow for testing for neural tube defects – Collects larger samples and provides faster results than amniocentesis – Provides access to DNA for paternity testing prior to delivery Accuracy: 98-99% Risk: 1/100 women who have this procedure miscarry Higher risk than an amniocentesis

9 Chorionic Villi Sampling

10 Interactive Timeline

11 The procedure takes about 45 minutes, although the collection of fluid takes less than five minutes Tests For: Fetal Anemia (Rh disease) assess lung maturity Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis Paternity

12 Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Blood test preformed on the mother between 15-20 weeks Testing for a protein that should be produced in the liver (possibility of birth defects)

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