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Using Glogster. Go to and click on Create a

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1 Using Glogster

2 Go to and click on Create a

3 Once your page has loaded, click on the pink bin icon to delete any of the default images.

4 Click on the Wall option and choose a backdrop for your poster. Then click on Use it.

5 Next, choose an image to add to your poster. You can upload one from your computer by clicking on Upload, or click on Link to link to a picture online.

6 If you choose the upload option, double click on the picture you wish to upload. Repeat this process as many times as you like, clicking on pictures and then on Use it.

7 Once you’ve uploaded your pictures you can adjust the size by manoevering the arrows around the frame.

8 Click on your pictures and drag them to wherever you want them.

9 Then choose box for your text to appear in.

10 Write your text inside the box and press OK when you’ve finished.

11 Click here to edit the font size and style… …and then apply it.

12 We’ve used a second text box for the title.

13 When you’ve positioned the various elements where you want them you can preview your poster. Once you’re happy with it you can save and publish it.

14 Give your Glog a name and tick a category. Then click on Save and publish.

15 Thank you for watching this presentation.

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