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Means of communication

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1 Means of communication

2 a few centuries ago people could speak to each other, they could send their messages from one place to another by smoke signals later one, they also had some newspaper the first expansions of media was when the radio and television were invented the second and the biggest boom started in 1960s when first communication satellite was launched into orbit

3 The most popular means of communication throughout the history until today:
letters, messages (messenger on a horse were delivering secret or very important messages) sounds or visual signals (primitive way of giving message – drums in Africa, smoke signal of American Indians) phone calls, fax, s ( s allow you to send a lot of data) video-conferencing

4 Succesful communication
improving your communication skills needs to take full responsibility for the result of each conversation we are responsible for what we say and what the other person hears

5 3 different types of communication:
VERBAL communication we communicate face-to-face we use words, speech

6 2) NON VERBAL communication
we don‘t use any words messages, eye contact, expressions, gesture

7 3) WRITTEN communication
cave painting in the past, hieroglyphs and written words

8 Smoke signals were used in the past to give a short message as a warning or call for help. Each one had a different pattern.

9 Pictograms – international, no matter what language you speak, you understand them.

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