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Booking Process – R2 : 12 March 2015

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1 Booking Process – R2 : 12 March 2015

2 Visit Log-in using your branch log-in ID
Home Page Visit Log-in using your branch log-in ID

3 Log-in ID Log-in will be created by Relationship Manager visiting Branch Else contact Call Centre / 0484 – Or your request to

4 Flight Search page After Log-in, Fill in search criteria, select One Way if travelling in one direction, Return if travel To and Fro within 1 year period Multi City if travel to multiple cities and return to another city

5 Recent Searches Recent Search criteria can be loaded by clicking ‘Load’ Results will be loaded directly on clicking search description

6 Start Flight Search After Log-in, Fill in search criteria, select One Way if travelling in one direction, Return if travel To and Fro within 1 year period Multi City if travel to multiple cities and return to another city

7 Search results appear, Search criteria are shown on top
Sort results Basis Price, Departure, Arrival time, Duration Modify search, Adjust filters to preferred time, or price band

8 Flight Details, Fare rules
Refundable/ Non Refundable Icon is shown View ‘Fare Rule’, ‘View Flight Detail’ for details of flight & fare View Next Day & Previous Day results also

9 Modify Search easily Click on ‘Modify Search’, and fill in new details for search All search fields can be modified from this panel

10 Book a Flight Select a flight, after seeing the price, time and suitability Click ‘View Flight Details’ to view all details of flight Click ‘Book this Flight’ to proceed to Booking process

11 View selected flight details
Onward & Return details, Price are shown to review again If Flight to be changed, click ‘Change Flight’ to select another

12 Proceed to Ticketing View ‘Fare Details’ & ‘Amount Payable’ at bottom of page Click ‘Continue booking’ to proceed to Ticketing or press ‘Back’ to go back to search page or ‘Change Flight’ to select another

13 Fill Pax Details For overseas travel, Passport No., Place of issue, Expiry date is mandatory to fill in. Ignore Passport detail for domestic travel Ensure that Name should be exactly like given in Passport

14 Visa Details if having a Visa
If there is a Valid Visa, enter details, validity, if travel is on a visiting visa, round trip ticket is mandatory Frequent Flyer No., Meal preference can also be added

15 Proceed to Ticketing Service Charge can be added as ‘Mark up’, else leave blank Add ‘Deal code’ only if a Pax or HO given special deal codes After filling all details, click ‘Continue Booking’

16 Payment Confirmation Payment confirmation page, amount is debited from Credit balance of branch. If balance is not enough, contact call centre to increase Credit. Click ‘Continue Booking’ to generate ticket.

17 Ticket is ready Ticket will be generated, wait some time to appear this page. Mail ticket to Pax or Print the Ticket directly. If Error appears, contact Call Centre immediately or expect a call from Call centre and will assist to get the ticket.

18 Email Ticket To email ticket, Fill in the email of Pax and click ‘Yes’
will be sent to from ‘TravelJango’ , also an SMS is sent for confirmation to the mobile number in the profile.

19 Search Token While reporting any issues in search to Call centre, quote Reference ID, also send a screen shot of search page

20 Booking Calender Booking Calender show no. of booking/ tickets/ cancellations On click takes to detailed view of each item, status etc

21 Pax Calender On Pax Calender search a customer and see the tickets done Recent ticketed persons will be listed, on click goes to pax calender, and then to pax calender report to see details

22 Manage Booking Manage Booking, View items in different statuses,
Various filters to find exact information required Click Details to see details of flight and itinerary

23 Booking Details Click ‘Details’ in Manage Booking, view all details of a ticket Mail ticket, view ticket, generate invoice or see Fare Rules

24 Cancellation Cancellation can be initiated from branches, it is listed to Call Centre for further management of Refund. The Call Centre will process refund, and update details, Contact call centre for details

25 Quick Search Quick search to see tickets issued, use any keywords to search View details of searched items below and view more details

26 Account Statement Account Statement for debit, credit, balance, also view invoice Statements within a date range can be exported to excel

27 Airline Report Airline wise report to view airline wise booking for a period Basic fare and Taxes and charges can also be seen here

28 Fund Transfer When transferring Fund through CBS, mark it in Add Fund page It will be approved from TravelJango HO, on reconcilliation

29 User Creation Branch Admin can create users under branch, also can Disable Click User Management, ‘Add New User’, ‘Edit’, ‘Disable User’

30 TravelJango in a Nutshell
Ticketing services through all branches of Muthoot Finance Strength of branches is unique benefit to customers Customers can get post booking services from any branch TravelJango is the largest networked travel service provider With TravelJango, Muthoot Group begin to start it’s own Travel inventory distribution which helps to offer better fare Higher incentives to branch team, better performers TravelJango will expand services to Sub Agents, B2C portal, Corporate travel services and will become the leading player

31 Thank you For further Clarifications, Training or Assistance,
contact Call Centre / or to When transferring Fund through CBS, mark the same

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