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Professional Portfolio

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1 Professional Portfolio
Resume Cover Letter Reference Page

2 The Job Market Closed Market: Open Market:
85 percent of all available jobs Not advertised Open Market: 15 percent of all available jobs Advertised jobs Who has a paying job? How many of you got your job in the open market? Closed market?

3 The Resume Your resume is a portrait of you! Functional Resume
Advantage: You highlight your skills, awards, achievements that come from work, volunteer or life experiences Disadvantage: You have to be able to back up your skills. Explain how you use them. You cannot simply list skills.

4 Resume Do’s List APPROPRIATE skills Type Use relevant interests
Professional Check spelling, grammar Clearly organized with subtitles Use 12 point font ________________

5 Resume Don’ts Use slang Lie Put “resume” at the top Include photo
Use “I” Put “references available upon request” Use fancy styles Include financial wishes ____________________

6 Skills What skills can you include on your resume? Remember, you are all skilled!!!! Go to Matchmaker – Review your “Skills Assessment” responses to determine which skills you want to put on your resume. Make a list. What are some other skills that you many teens could put on their resume? Handout (class set): Have you got skills? Write down any that you have

7 Resume Example Judy Anderson’s Functional Resume
Work on filling in your rough copy template Finish for homework

8 Cover Letter What is a cover letter?
It introduces you and gives a quick summary of why you are best for the specific job. It is the first impression. What is the advantage in using a cover letter? Your resume looks more professional and the cover letter is tailored specifically for the job you are applying for Handout – Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts

9 Cover letter Structure
Your address Date Address of the person you are contacting Salutation (Dear…) Paragraph #1 – States the job you are applying for. How you found out about it. Express your interest.

10 Paragraph #2 – Longest paragraph
Paragraph #2 – Longest paragraph. Point out your skills, etc that make you best of the job. Relate yourself to the job Paragraph #3 – Include best way to be reached and your willingness to come for an interview Sincerely Your signature Type your first and last name

11 Cover Letter Example Dana Power’s cover letter
Using the template write a cover letter for one of the job ads provided. Finish for homework the rough draft

12 Reference Page Handout “References Outline”
Fill in the Reference Page template with THREE REFERENCES You will need to get information/phone numbers/etc tonight for homework if you do not have it here at school.

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