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Using Skype for Building Effective Group Collaboration MODULE I.

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1 Using Skype for Building Effective Group Collaboration MODULE I

2 MODULE I Learning Objectives Setting Up Your Skype Account – Download & Install Skype – Creating Skype Account – Creating Skype Profile – Creating Skype Contact List

3 Visit Skype website at: ntl/en-us/get-skype/on- your- computer/windows/ ntl/en-us/get-skype/on- your- computer/windows/ Follow the instructions for downloading Skype based on your operating system Download & Install Skype

4 Once application is downloaded, install window will appear –Select preferred language –Read User License Agreement & Privacy Statement –Select “I Agree –Install” Once application is installed select “Finish”

5 Creating Skype Account To Create a new account from the Skype login screen select “Don’t have a Skype Name?” The “Create Account” screen will appear Fill in the requested information Create your own Skype name and password The program will notify you if there is a problem with the information you provided

6 Creating Skype Account Remember to read: –User license agreement –Terms of Service –Privacy Statement Green checks next to all your entered information means you can select “I Agree- Create Account” Once your account is created the Skype “Welcome Screen” will appear and your account is ready for use

7 Creating Skype Profile From the Skype main screen you have Three tabs: –Skype Home: See Contacts –Profile: Update Skype Profile –Facebook: See Facebook interface Using the PROFILE TAB you can modify your profile (Public & Contact View) –Upload a profile picture –Post mood status –Provide contact information –Provide personal website –Gender, Birthday, & Language

8 Creating Skype Contact List You can add Contacts to your Skype contact list using TWO Options found under the Contact drop down menu –ADD CONTACT –IMPORT CONTACTS

9 Creating Skype Contact List -Using the ADD CONTACT Option search by: Email Address Phone number Full Name Skype User Name - Select ADD - Send Contact Request message - Sent Confirmation window appears 1 2 3

10 Creating Skype Contact List The IMPORT CONTACT Option interfaces with your email and public networking sites Simply select the account you would like to search: –Enter in the account username and password Skype will search for users in the selected account address book Once user are identified, you can select who you would like to import by checking the box. Once selected contact will appear in Skype Contact list

11 MODULE REVIEW 1. T/F: Skype allows users the ability to set a separate “Public View” and “Contact View” of their profile information. A) True B) False 2. Which of the following search options CANNOT be used to identify a Skype user? A) Searching for a Skype user name B) Searching for a user’s full name C) Searching for a user’s home address D) Searching for a user’s email address 3. T/F: Users can not import new Skype contacts from other web applications such as facebook, hotmail, gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and MSN contact lists/address books. A) True B) False 4. Which of the following options CANNOT be used to personalize a user profile? A) Create a new group B) Post a mood message C) Provide a personal website D) Upload profile picture

12 CONGRATULATIONS You have completed MODULE I and should now be able to: – Download & Install Skype – Create a Skype Account – Create a Skype Profile – Create a Skype Contact List You are now ready to move one to MODULE II – Making Calls Using Skype

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