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Search Empower Engage Send Print Co-Brand With BusinessBuilder.

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2 Search Empower Engage Send Print Co-Brand With BusinessBuilder

3 Getting Started: Press the pause button at any time to review a slide in more detail Simply access the BusinessBuilder site from the Hanover Agent Solutions Website, SmallComm Solutions website or TAP. Then Login: Personal Lines and Small Commercial Agents: Login with your Hanover SSO ID/ password. Middle Market Agents: Login with your e-mail address and the password: welcome

4 Create Your User Profile in Moments Now, you can automatically co-brand documents without the need to re-enter information. 2. Enter your information in the User Profile fields. A few of the profile fields are mandatory and are placed at the top for your convenience. 1. Access the User Profile from the home page.

5 Create Co-Branded Marketing Materials In this section, you’ll learn how easy it is to co-brand marketing materials. Download to your desktop, or send materials to your printer. If you have not already created your User Profile, please do so before co-branding materials. 1. Choose a document to co-brand. Then from the BusinessBuilder home page, click Co-Brand Materials.

6 Create Co-Branded Marketing Materials (cont.) 2. On the left menu, pick your line of business. Then choose your material by industry, target, class, or search by the document ID found in the lower left corner of the last page of every Hanover document. 3. Mouse over the marketing piece to be co-branded, downloaded, or printed. 4. Rollover on the Actions button for that document. 5. Click Customize.

7 Create Co-Branded Marketing Materials (cont.) 6. A new window will open. Your agency logo and other details called “Variables” will be automatically added to the document based upon the information you entered in your User Profile. 7. If you wish to edit the Variables, including default logo, photo, text or other information, just click Customize next to the item you wish to adjust. You can choose an alternate image, or remove the image.

8 Customizing Variables Agency Logo You do not need to use the same logo for all materials. You can choose a new image or remove the logo section altogether. Be sure to Save your changes before continuing.

9 Customizing Variables (cont.) Agent Call Out The purpose of the Agent Call Out is to strongly encourage prospects to contact your agency. Type the message you wish to appear in the call to action box. Be sure to provide pertinent contact details, including producer name, if applicable, in addition to your phone number, e-mail address, website. Remember to click Update to save your new message. Call Out Photo Select Choose Image to select another image to appear in the Agent Callout. Select Remove if you do not want an image to appear in this section. Be sure to click Save before continuing.

10 Customizing Variables (cont.) Letter Address Information Choose which fields you would like to appear on your letter. Salutation You may customize the default salutation for your letter. If you have a first name you would like to merge into your letter, just make sure to include the first name as a field in your distribution list. If you would like to add a name directly to you letter, choose [DEAR_VALUED_CUSTOMER] and type the name directly in the field. If you don't enter anything, the default salutation is “Dear Valued Customer”.

11 Customizing Variables (cont.) Letter Signature You may choose the fields you wish to appear at the bottom of your letter, and fill in the actual information that will appear. Be sure to click Save before continuing. Today’s Date Enter the date you want to appear on your letter. Be sure to click Update before continuing. Signature If you have uploaded a signature to your User Profile, it will automatically appear. You can choose to remove the signature altogether. If you want to change the signature file default, you will need to go back to update your User Profile. Be sure to click Save before continuing.

12 Customizing Variables (cont.) Preview Your Document Once you have reviewed all Variables, click Preview to view the final document in a new window as it will appear when you download or print it. Helpful hints: If you’re satisfied with the Preview, you can download a preview PDF from this screen, by right-clicking on the window that opens with the document. Click Save As… and it will open a window that will enable you to save the document to your computer. You may also select Print if you wish to print the document immediately on your local printer.

13 Downloading or Printing Co-Branded Material After you are satisfied with the document Preview, select one of two fulfillment options: Add to Cart for Download/E-mail — Choose this option if you want to save the document to your computer or email it directly to a contact. Add to Cart for Fulfillment — Choose this option if you would like to send the document to a professional printer. This usually works best for larger quantities.

14 Add to Cart for Fulfillment 1. Click the Checkout button on the bottom right of the window. 2. Enter quantity for fulfillment. Be sure to Save Updates. 3. Click Continue to Shipping.

15 Add to Cart for Fulfillment (cont.) 4. Enter Shipping Method, Ship To Address, and Return Address in the appropriate boxes. Be sure to Save Updates before clicking Continue to Billing. 5. Choose Other for payment method. 6. Click Continue to Review.

16 Add to Cart for Fulfillment (cont.) 7. Provide contact information for the vendor to contact you regarding proofs and to notify you when your order has shipped. 8. Make sure to check the box confirming your agreement to the Terms and Conditions. 9. Click Submit Order.

17 Add to Cart for Fulfillment (cont.) You will be redirected to a Confirmation page with your order details and estimated delivery date. Typically turnaround time is 5-7 business days. Additionally, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

18 Add to Cart for Download/E-mail 1. Click the Checkout button on the bottom right of the window. 2. Once you click Checkout your order is complete and you will be directed to a Confirmation page. You will be able to download your document(s) from the confirmation screen. Thanks For Using BusinessBuilder!

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