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DC bus for photovoltaic power supplying computing loads

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1 DC bus for photovoltaic power supplying computing loads
Vincent Flaherty 4th year Electronic Engineering

2 Project Aims The aim of this project is to investigate if the efficiency of power delivered from a domestic PV installation can be improved by supplying such DC loads through a DC bus instead of through an AC grid connection.

3 Progress to Date Research of PV systems.
Review of power consumption of different loads. Review of PV inverters.

4 Progress to Date Investigation and PSPICE simulation of AC/DC converter. Full Wave Rectifier Flyback Converter

5 PV systems PV modules convert sunlight to electricity.
Made from semiconductor materials. General efficiency (6 – 20%) An ideal solar cell can be modelled using a current source in parallel with a diode

6 [Figure taken from]
Power Consumption The average power consumption for a range of electrical devices which drive DC loads. [Figure taken from] Appliance Consumption LCD Television 213 Watts Plasma Television 339 Watts Playstation 3 197 Watts Xbox 360 187 Watts Average PC 78 Watts Nintendo Wii 19 Watts Wireless Router 7 Watts

7 PV Inverters Used to change DC electricity to AC electricity.
2 main types used with PV systems. Grid-tie inverters. Battery backup inverters Solar inverters use procedures such as MPPT to deal with the PV array.

8 MPPT DC/DC converter functions as optimal load for a PV cell.
MPPT is used by solar inverters to get the most power possible from a PV array. Can be used with or without batteries. The benefits of MPPT regulators are greatest during cold, hazy or cloudy weather.

9 Fullwave Rectifier Used to convert AC to DC.
Most simple method of conversion. Quite easily simulated using PSPICE.

10 Fullwave Rectifier

11 Flyback Converter DC/DC converter with isolation between input and output. Very similar to Buck-Boost converter. Voltage ratios can be multiplied due to turns in transformer. Can operate over a wide range of inputs.

12 Flyback Converter

13 Major Challenges Finding circuit schematic for AC/DC adapter.
Effective simulation of Flyback converter.

14 Next Steps Finalisation of Flyback converter simulation.
Investigation and simulation of other DC/DC converters. (Buck, Boost etc.)

15 Questions?

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