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7th Grade Social Studies

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1 7th Grade Social Studies
Time Zones 7th Grade Social Studies

2 Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?
It is 3 p.m. in Garden City, KS so what time is it in Beijing, China? What time is it in Denver, L.A, Chicago or Dallas? You can answer all these questions by understanding the world’s 24 Time Zones.

3 Time Zones Notes Instructions
Get out a sheet of paper. Complete MLA. Set your paper up for notes (1/3, 2/3)  Write down all bulleted information.

4 Important Time Zone Information!
Time Zones The earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours. The earth rotates 15 degrees longitude every hour. The earth always rotates to the east. (Thus, why the sun rises in the EAST and sets in the WEST!)

5 Time Zone Notes Cont. The earth is divided into 24 time Zones.

6 Notes Cont… 15 degrees west is 1 hour earlier.
15 degrees east is 1 hour later.

7 USA Time Zones U.S.A Time Zones
U.S.A is divided into 6 different time zones

8 U.S.A Time Zones cont…. The 6 U.S time zones are: Eastern Central
Mountain Pacific Alaska Hawaiian-Aleutian

9 Now YOU do it. Oh Yea.  -Color your map the same as this map
Now YOU do it! Oh Yea!  -Color your map the same as this map! -Make sure to label the states! (YES, you can abbreviate!) We will use this map to help us with the Time Zone activities!

10 Do you have this Time Zone concept figured out yet
Do you have this Time Zone concept figured out yet? Give these question a try! C’mon---you know you can!  If it is 1:00 p.m in Kansas it is ________ in California. If it is 6:00 a.m in GA (Georgia) it is _______ in CO (Colorado). If it is 3 p.m in Alaska it is ________ in Florida. How many hours difference is there between TN and NV? Warm-up activity! 

11 Now Try this Time Zone Practice Game

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