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Strengthening Child Protection Systems in Viet Nam

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1 Strengthening Child Protection Systems in Viet Nam
Le Hong Loan, Chief of Child Protection, UNICEF Viet Nam

2 Child Protection Challenges
No comprehensive child protection legal framework No clear definitions on child neglect, abuse, and exploitation Lack of clarity on role government agencies and civil society Lack of procedures and standards on prevention and interventions Low priority in public expenditure Limited structure and capacity Lack of linkages between Justice and Social Welfare in legal framework and programming Lack of data and monitoring system, including national data on violence against children, child trafficking…

3 Behavior Change Communications
PROGRAMME STRATEGY Child Protection Framework (Legislation, policies, research) Child Protection Structure (designated/specialized teams of social workers, police, judges, juvenile court..) Child Protection Services Child Protection Services Out-of- Home Care Child Friendly Justice Services Behavior Change Communications

4 Progress Achieved Legislation, strategies and policies on Social Welfare and Justice Strengthened Social Welfare System Good progress toward professionalization of social work profession Improved capacity of social welfare staff Community-based child protection structures – move away from issue/category-based response Improved family support and shared care Integration of child protection issues into social assistance/cash transfer and other social protection policies Development of respite care Improved alternative care Reforming adoption system Development of foster care Reforming of institutional care Improved rehabilitation services for children victims of trafficking, CSEC, abuse, street children, and children affected by HIV/AIDS Improving protection services for children with disabilities and Mental Health

5 Community based child protection system (CBCPS)
Provide prevention (primary and secondary) and child protection services (tertiary) for children in community Mobilize resources from the government, informal sector and the community Coordinate the effort of local authorities, relevant agencies, mass organizations, social organizations, NGOs, community and families in child protection

6 Objectives of CBCPS Support families and communities to undertake the care and protection of children Stop risks of harm occur to children Rehabilitate children victims of harm Support and rehabilitate families and communities where harm towards children has occurred.

7 Child Protection Service Structure at District Level
District Child Protection Committee DOLISA Court Procuracy Alternative care Emergency center Hospital Inter-agency working group NGOs Police Justice Social Work Service Centre Child Protection Officer CASE MANAGEMENT MODEL Local level (Tambon): Case managers within family support services (under development New Family Development Centres) Monitoring/surveillance system Primary and secondary prevention Provision of basic services to children and families and case management for abuse cases Linking to the provincial response system Provincial level Integrated response services organized in a SYSTEM (not disconnected networks) with relative functioning mechanisms Increased capacity of CP Committees to develop policies and monitor the functioning of the system CASE MANAGER WITH FINAL RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW THE CASE FROM IDENTIFICATION TO DISENGAGMENT Volunteers Teacher Health care worker

8 Social work service centre
Cac nội dung hoạt động của trung tâm xử lý và giải quyêt trợ cấp cho nhưng gia đình nghèo giải quyết các vân đề liên quan đến lao động qiải quyết trợ cấp thât nghiệp, dậy nghề và việc làm cho người thất nghiệp giải quyết các vấn đề về bảo hiểm xã hội giám định và tư vấn cho người khuyết tật Ngoài ra trung tâm còn là: trung tâm hỗ trợ xã hội của địa phương trung tâm điều phối của mạng lưới các tổ chức NGOs trung tâm nguồn lực cộng đồng la nơi sinh hoạt của người cao tuổi và trẻ em trung tâm đào tạo thực hành của trường đại học về CTXH các trung tâm đào tạo về tìm kiếm việc làm, trung tam đào tạo và xúc tiến việc làm cho thanh niên, trung tâm tư vấn pháp luật, trung tâm hỗ trợ xã hội, trung tâm hỗ trợ tâm lý do các NGOs quản lý

9 Achievement of CBCPS in Viet Nam
Community-based child protection system has been implemented in 40/63 provinces 20 social work service centres are in operation. 16 of them are delivering child protection services

10 Recommendations An operational guideline on child protection service delivery for social work service centres in the country Enhancement of child protection capacity for workers in social work service centres Increase of inter-sectoral cooperation for referral of child protection cases A national data base on child protection in the country

11 Thank you for your attention!

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