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1.What are Fitness and Health?

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1 1.What are Fitness and Health?
Being healthy means your body is in good working order. You feel ready for anything. Fitness refers to how much you can actually do with your body. Fitness training will enable you to do more and make you stronger and more supple.

2 2. Keeping healthy Food Body care Posture Sleep and relaxation Avoiding dangerous habits Growing up

3 Food You body needs food to help it grow and repair itself and to provide energy to keep you going.

4 Body care Keeping yourself clean is an important part of staying healthy. It prevents the growth and spread of germs. It also helps prevent such things as certain skin disorders and tooth decay.

5 Posture You posture, or how you hold yourself when you stand, sit and move, can affect your digestion and feeling of energy or tension. It can also help prevent backache.

6 Sleep and relaxation Sleep is vital to your system. It gives your body time to grow, repair and refresh itself. Relaxation is also an important part of keeping healthy. It gets rid of tension and allows your body to “unwind”.

7 Avoiding dangerous habits
Some people deal with stress by drinking too much alcohol, smoking too many cigarettes or taking drugs.

8 Growing up As you grow up, your body goes through all kinds of changes. Being fit and healthy during this time can help you feel more confident.

9 3. Why bother to keep fit and healthy?
Good health means much more than not being ill. Here are some other benefits of keeping fit and healthy.

10 3.1 Looking good Fitness and health can improve the way you look. Your body firms up and the condition of your skin, hair and so on improve. Good posture always makes you look better.

11 3.2 Feeling good Being fit and healthy can give you more energy and can improve your self-confidence. Regular exercise helps to relax you and relieve tension. Looking after your body can make it stronger and more resistant to infectious diseases such as colds and flu.

12 4.1 Hygiene during the teens
4.1 Some reasons for extra care over hygiene in the teens are : 1. The extra dead cells made on the top layer of skin. 2. The newly–working sweat glands in the armpits and groin. 3.The extra sweating which may happen because of unsettled feelings. 4. The extra sebum which is made, especially in people with oily skins.

13 4.2 General attention Wash the whole body regularly to remove dust and grime, and to stop germs breeding on the extra body oils and fluids made in teens. If possible, try to take a shower after exercise. Clothes in contact with the skin – underwear, shirts, socks – should be washed regularly.

14 4.3 Special attention Cleanse the face carefully to guard against acne spots. Hands should be washed after using the toilet and before preparing or eating food to guard against passing on germs. Thorough washing of the armpits and groin helps to guard against unpleasant odours. Feet should be washed to guard against fungus infection and unpleasant odour.

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