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Health, Safety & Wellbeing Induction Organisational HealthReviewed: January 2012. V2 Department of Education and Training Uncontrolled when printed.

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1 Health, Safety & Wellbeing Induction Organisational HealthReviewed: January 2012. V2 Department of Education and Training Uncontrolled when printed

2 (Insert school/workplace name) At (insert school/workplace name) we are committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment for all staff and others (students, volunteers, contractors and visitors to the workplace). Your induction is part of that commitment. Your entitlements and obligations in relation to health and safety are outlined in the induction booklet. Your responsibilities include:  Engaging in consultation about health and safety  Following Workplace Health and Safety policies, procedures and directives  Not putting yourself or others at risk through your actions  Managing hazards you identify appropriately About the Induction Program

3 Employees achieve this by:  Complying with instructions given by your Supervisor (provided they are legal and safe);  Using personal protective equipment as instructed;  Not interfering or misusing WH&S equipment e.g. blocking emergency exits;  Not putting yourself or others at risk e.g. consider consequences of actions, use a trolley to move a heavy item. Roles and Responsibilities

4 Managers and Supervisors achieve this by;  Being aware and understand DET’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management Framework  Actively promoting a health, safety and wellbeing culture throughout your workplace  Reinforcing this culture by ensuring that staff understand and are complying with their responsibilities  Implementing clear communication and consultation processes  Actively participating and encouraging staff participation in health and safety focused activities For further information on DET’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management Framework, please access the following website; Roles and Responsibilities

5 How to be involved All staff have an obligation and a vested interest in working together to keep the workplace safe and to participate in the consultation process. Support Network and WH&S Committees  Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO)  Workplace Health and Safety Representatives (WHSR)  Health and Safety Committee Consultation

6 Emergency Procedures Either insert all the school/workplace’s emergency procedures here or refer the new employee to where to obtain a copy and the necessity to be conversant with the procedures. It is important that you make yourself aware of the emergency procedures by;  Attending Fire Safety Training  Know your Emergency Evacuation Team  Understand First Aid and Medical Emergency procedures  WH&S Induction Guide Health and Safety Issues

7 If an ill or injured person is; Not responsive to first aid treatment or for life threatening situations;  Dial 0 (to get an outside line) Then 000 (Emergency Services)  Ask the operator for the service required (Police, Ambulance or Fire)  Wait to be connected  Advise of the Street Address  Advise the Nature of the Emergency  Once Emergency Services have been contacted stay with the injured/ill until the emergency services arrive. First Aid & Medical Emergencies

8 First Aid  First Aid kits are located at [insert locations]  A list of first aid officers is located at [insert location] and listed in your booklet  If you are not qualified you should discuss the availability of training with your Manager/Supervisor First Aid & Medical Emergencies

9 For incidents you should;  Immediately complete an incident report if you receive an injury at work, suffer a work caused illness or experience a ‘near miss’ on the MyHR WH&S Solution or an EV010  Seek advice from your WHSO or WH&S Consultant if you need to complete an incident report for yourself or another staff member.  Serious injuries at work require immediate notification to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ).  Report any discomfort before it becomes an injury  Report any injury/illness not sustained at work that might effect you at work  Our process for advising administration staff is [insert details here] Incident and Hazard Reporting

10 For hazards; EQ Staff can also use MyHR WH&S Solution to record hazards. For further information on how to access and record hazards in the MyHR WH&S Solution, please visit:  OneChannel at: for tutorials. Additional information: If you are having difficulties locating or filling out the form required, please consult with your supervisor for assistance. (Add details here of your expectations of the new employee when they identify hazards and where they should access assistance and forms etc) Incident and Hazard Reporting

11 Insert slide here on:  any information of particular significance to your school  particular ‘hot spots’ such as a school-wide ban on kettles in classrooms or high risk areas in the environment Common Workplace Hazards

12  Workers’ Compensation - WorkCover Queensland, Phone: 1300 362 128  Return to Work Program - (insert name/s, location/s contact details).  Sick Leave/QSuper -  Employee Advisor (EQ Schools) - (insert name/s, location/s contact details).  Employee Assistance Program:- - Davidson Trahaire Corpsych - Telephone: 1300 360 364 Other Support Available

13  Infection Control  Manual Tasks  Ergonomics  Slips, Trips and Falls  Road Safety  General Workplace Health and Safety Information Other Information

14  Creating Healthier Workplaces website:  DET Procedures Register:  RRTWC - (insert name/s, location/s contact details).  WHSO - (insert name/s, location/s contact details).  EAP - (insert name/s, location/s contact details). Contacts and Resources

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