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Ron McLaren e-Skills Management Ltd SFIA what it is, how it helps.

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1 Ron McLaren e-Skills Management Ltd SFIA what it is, how it helps

2 Not for profit SFIA Foundation Four Directors OwnershipMaintenanceAccreditationLicensingConference Training (indirectly) SFIA Council Strategic direction Industry practice Accredited Consultants Accredited Partners


4 We do not have the right skills I don’t get interesting work We don’t know our capability Learning? Training? How do you get promoted? My manager says I’m not a Senior Developer … Do we pay well enough? Our best people leave Wrong people come for interview Know, plan, manage Reward Develop Assess Deploy Acquire Management problems

5 Liability Asset Activities Experience, qualifications Demonstrated competence by … Professional profile (capability) Behavioural Skill Professional Skill Knowledge Example: CA CMDB Example: Config management Example: Communication

6 In six skill categories Development Business change Strategy & planning Ancillary skills Service provision Procurement & management support

7 Strategy & Planning Business process improvement Business risk management Development Systems development management Systems design Programming/software development Procurement & management support Procurement Supplier relationship management Business change Business analysis Project management Service provision Change management Problem management Examples

8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 follow assist apply enable ensure/advise initiate/influence set strategy, inspire, mobilise 78 skills in 6 categories. e.g. Business process improvement [BPRE] Specific definition for each level of BPRE Summary definition of BPRE Generic definition of each level Tag LEVEL 3 – GENERIC DEFINITION Autonomy Works under general supervision. Uses discretion in identifying and resolving complex problems and assignments. Specific instruction is usually given and work is reviewed at frequent milestones. Determines when problems should be escalated to a higher level. Influence Interacts with and influences department/project team members … In predictable and structured areas may supervise others. Complexity Broad range of work, sometimes complex and non routine, in variety of environments. Business skills Understands and uses appropriate methods … analytical and systematic approach to problem solving … Takes initiative in identifying and negotiating appropriate development opportunities. Demonstrates effective communication skills. Contributes fully to the work of teams. Can plan, schedule and monitor own work... absorb and apply new technical information … work to required standards and to understand and use the appropriate methods, tools and applications...

9 The identification of new and alternative approaches to performing business activities. The analysis of business processes, including recognition of the potential for automation of the processes, assessment of the costs and potential benefits of the new approaches considered and, where appropriate, management of change and assistance with implementation. Business process improvement [BPRE] Much abbreviated … Level 7 Identifies, proposes, initiates and leads significant improvement programmes, taking responsibility for the quality and appropriateness … Level 6 … Evaluates the financial, cultural, technological, organisational and environmental factors that must be addressed in the change programme. Level 5 Analyses business processes; identifies alternative solutions, assesses feasibility and recommends new approaches… This information is diagnostic, not prescriptive

10 Role Profile Role Profile:Test Manager Level BAuthor:Chris Jones1/1/2007 PURPOSE: Test Managers help ZapCo produce quality services by providing testing and verification. Deployment of new services requires their approval. TYPICAL ACCOUNTABILITIES Test strategy, management, auditability New services fit for deployment Release approval No business impact from defects Contribution to corporate standards Increasing expertise of staff managed KNOWLEDGE / EXPERIENCE Business impact of the service ITIL Release management Development Lifecycle ISEB Testing Practitioner or equivalent Sound understanding of functional testing, test automation, performance, resilience, security, penetration, human factors SKILLS TEST5Systems testing BPRT5Business process testing SFAS5Safety assessment QUAS5Quality Assurance PRMG5Project management MANAGEMENT CONTEXT Manages managers and technical staff People development and performance management responsibility Reports To Project Manager/Director BEHAVIOURAL COMPETENCIES Business awareResult orientated Quality orientatedLeadership DIMENSIONS Staff in unit managed > 30, incl. mgrs Multiple projects, multiple sites Project value > £10 million Abbreviated example

11 Role profile Know, plan, manage Reward Develop Assess Deploy Acquire How SFIA helps Clarity of requirement Person/project fit Flexibility Assessment agreed and understood Appropriate development Match to market Know what you’ve got Common language of capability management

12 Job descriptions (many) Very specific I’m doing this Role profiles (functions defined in our methods) A project/process management tool rather than a person management tool Someone on the project must do this Professional profiles Very few: elements of capability Define the asset not the liability This is what I am ! Generic Job descriptions (fewer) Risk of excessive generality We are doing this SFIA fits into any one of these

13 Role Profiles Define Practices Business model Know, plan, manage Reward Develop Assess Deploy Acquire Examples: Business Change Design and Architecture IT Development and Analysis Service Management Business Operations Testing Methods Define

14  A standardised, maintained model  Fits into your way of doing things  Gives greater clarity to role profiles Facilitates: Recruitment Deployment Assessment Development Reward Strategic resource management  Supported by tools …


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