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Business Intelligence & Exam 1 Review

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1 Business Intelligence & Exam 1 Review

2 Business Intelligence (BI)
INPUT: Acxiom Corporation collects 300 million individual demographic records. OUTPUT: Who is going to default on a loan. Q: How do you process this input to output?

3 Business Intelligence (BI) System
BI Systems use information technology (hardware, software, but even algorithms) to find patterns, relationships, and trends. Data  (MIS)  Information Information  (DSS)  Good Decisions Information  (BI systems)  Knowledge

4 BI includes Reporting Tools Data Mining Algorithms
Examples: Pivot Charts & Online Analytical Processing Data Mining Algorithms Examples: Apriori Algorithm for finding association rules Knowledge Management Tools Examples: IBM’s knowledge bank

5 Review TPS – Transaction Processing Systems
PCS – Process Control Systems MIS – Management Information Systems DSS – Decision Support Systems EIS – Executive Information Systems ECS – Enterprise Collaboration Systems

6 Background Information  (BI systems)  Knowledge
People/Machines  (TPS)  Data People/Machines  (PCS)  Data & Routine Decisions Data  (MIS)  Info. & Routine Decisions Information  (DSS)  Complex Decisions Information  (BI systems)  Knowledge Information  (EIS)  Strategic Decisions Data & Info  (ECS)  Data & Info.

7 The Big Problem Old problem: Too much data
figured out some solutions New problem: Too much information Moving from info. to knowledge is a bigger problem Where humans are still needed


9 What we will learning soon
Pivot Chart Lab & Logic We will learn how to make accurate predictions (knowledge) given raw data about behavior Excel will be our tool Market Basket Lab We will find the strongest product associations (knowledge) given millions of possibilities (raw data) Access with be our tool Large companies pay $millions for sophisticate tools to do these things

10 What we have done (review part)
Intro Lab Getting to know the procedures CMCC Lab Word is just a document maker Google Docs is more of an Information System GIS Lab First DSS example Data  Information Tables  Maps  Reports Excel Lab More than just an accounting calculator A tool for automation and information processing Searching (vlookup) and logic (if statements)

11 Things to study Remember 5, 8, and 6 things

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