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Emotional Intelligence

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1 Emotional Intelligence

2 The Research Shows That…………
We believe in every field, your EQ (emotional quotient) is 2 times as important as your cognitive abilities.

3 The Research Shows That…………
Almost 90% of success in leadership is attributable to EQ.

4 What is emotional intelligence
Self-aware Empathy Manage Relationships Self-motivation Mood Self - Management

5 Emotional Intelligence Map
Self-Awareness Empathy Emotional Awareness Understand Others Accurate Self-Assessment Developing Others Self-Confidence Service Orientation Mood or Self Management Leveraging Diversity Self Control Political Awareness Trustworthiness Managing Others - Social Skills Conscientiousness Influence Adaptability Communication Innovation Conflict Management Self Motivation Leadership Achievement Drive Change Catalyst Commitment Building Bonds Initiative Collaboration & Cooperation Optimism Team Capabilities

6 Exploring the theories
Dabrowski: Theory of Positive Disintegration /Overexcitability Maslow: Theory of Human Motivation/Hierarchy of Needs Erikson: Theory of Social and Emotional Development Goleman: Theory of Emotional Intelligence Executive functioning & Brain Rules….

7 Whose Brain is it anyway?

8 What the heck is an AMYGDALA? And how could it hijack a brain?

9 What the heck is an AMYGDALA? And how could it hijack a brain?

10 And what does this have to do Oreo Cookies?


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