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Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) in Thailand By Paweenuch Chainuwat

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1 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) in Thailand By Paweenuch Chainuwat Email:

2 Thailand

3 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) What is it? - A Natural gas vehicle or NGV is a vehicle that uses compressed natural gas (CNG) or, less commonly, liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a clean alternative to other automobile fuels.

4 Sources Where do we get natural gas from? -The Gulf of Thailand: A Long- Lasting Source of Natural Gas.

5 The Gulf of Thailand Thailand found a source of natural gas in the Gulf of Thailand in 1981. It allows the country to depend on domestic energy sources.


7 Benefits of NGVs 85-99% Methane Clean burning Exhaust emissions from NGVs are much lower than those from equivalent gasoline- powered vehicles Reduced greenhouse gas emissions Noise reductions Lower cost

8 NGV Price DateAlpha-X 95 Alpha-X 91 Diesel NGV 12 Apr 2005 22.89 22.0917.69 9.53 12 Apr 2006 27.94 27.1425.79 8.50 Exchange Rate: 38.19 Bath/ USD 1.00

9 NGVs in Thailand First NGVs Use It was introduced in 1984 with transited buses and Tuk Tuk.

10 NGVs Today Numbers of NGVs - 10,569 NGVs (Jan 2006) - PTT expected to increase numbers of NGVs to 70,000 by the end of 2006. Numbers of NGV Refueling Stations - 60 stations (Mar 2006)

11 Types of Vehicles What types of vehicles run on natural gas? 1)Dedicated NGVs 2) Bi-Fuel NGVs

12 Dedicated NGVs A dedicated NGV runs on natural gas only. Dedicated NGVs can be gasoline-fueled vehicles that have been converted to run on natural gas. Mostly dedicated NGVs are produced by original equipment manufacturers.

13 Examples of NGV Cars Honda Civic GX The Omni Cargo

14 Bi-Fuel NGVs A bi-fuel vehicle can run on either natural gas or gasoline. Many are designed to switch automatically to gasoline when the natural gas fuel tank reaches empty. These vehicles get the same or slightly fewer miles per equivalent gallon of natural gas as do vehicles using gasoline only.

15 Mercedes Expands Natural Gas Vehicle Production to Thailand Daimler Chrysler plans to begin producing natural gas vehicle (NGV) outside of Germany. Production will be for local sale as well as export.


17 Obstacles to The Widespread of Use of NGVs The Absence of Transportation The Absence of Storage Infrastructure Loss of Cargo Space Increased Refueling Time Lower Driving Range Price

18 Solutions (1) Building more pipelines. Establishing more liquefied tankers. A slow fill gets more gas into the tank than does a fast fill. Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) is now promoting the new plan.

19 Solutions (2) Tax Reductions for CNG Vehicles - Tax reductions of 25% for CNG buses and taxi cabs - 20% for other CNG vehicles Giving an import tariff exemption for NGV cylinders and other related equipment

20 Solutions (3) Building more NGV refueling stations -PTT plans to increase the number to 160 stations next year -740 nationwide in 2010

21 Conclusion Natural gas combustion produces no significant aldehydes or other air toxins. Natural gas price is cheaper than the price of gasoline. Safety

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