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Guidance Evaluation SY12/13 Governing Board Presentation September 13, 2012.

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1 Guidance Evaluation SY12/13 Governing Board Presentation September 13, 2012

2 Presentation Overview  Purpose  Professional Development and Communication  Data Input Process  Next Steps

3 Purpose  Developing a common vocabulary about what excellent instruction looks like  A common focus and vision for curriculum, instruction and assessment  Alignment to American School Counselor Association Standards (ASCA)

4 Professional Development and Communication  All Guidance Staff  Participated in initial training for current evaluation  Participated in teaching training modules last year  Attended the site visits made last year to every school by Deputy Superintendent and Administrator for Human Resources to every school to help provide understanding around the framework, data component, law and Peoria processes

5 Development Process  Collaborative  Facilitated by Mrs. Genna Laird, PUSD Head Counselor  Started with the current evaluation instrument  Used current research by Charlotte Danielson to guide modification process  Staff had input in content  Elementary Guidance  High School Guidance  Designed to align to current Peoria Unified Teacher Evaluation

6 Data Model

7 Data Model Guiding Principles  Collaborative thinking  Guiding principles  Equity  Comprehensive  Manageable  Choice – Menu Driven  Balance  Transparency  First Year’s Needs  Spirit of the Law

8 Data Percentage Recommendation  Committee Recommendation for Data  Group A  Group B Instructional Practices Classroom- level Data School-level Data Guidance

9 Group B – 33/67  5 Overall data points  33%  1 Mandatory – Survey Parent Student  If a valid and reliable data point exists, that is mandatory  Choices are made at the end of the year  67% Professional Practices- Danielson/PUSD Framework

10 How is This Data Used?  Administration recommends no employment decisions be made using the data component of curriculum and instructional specialists evaluation in SY 12-13

11 Questions on Guidance Evaluation

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