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What is Title 1?.

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1 What is Title 1?

2 Title 1 funding began as a part of the Great Society Program of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, currently known as No Child Left Behind. The intent of the law is a high-quality education for EVERY child especially to provide services to students who are at risk of not meeting the state academic standards.

3 Black Mountain Elementary is a Title 1 school.
Title 1 funds are directed to schools with high poverty levels, which in Buncombe County are elementary schools with more than 40% free and reduced lunch participants. Black Mountain Elementary is a Title 1 school.

4 How Does Title 1 Work? The Federal government provides funding to states each year for Title 1 programs. To receive funding local school districts must submit a plan to the state that describes how the district will address the 10 components of the NCLB law.

5 This Federal funding supports Black Mountain Elementary staff and students in the following ways:
Staff Development: Funds support teacher learning by paying for workshops, substitutes, and support materials from workshops to use in the classroom. Parent Involvement: Funds support parent events presented by Black Mountain Staff/Title 1 Staff for parent learning. Discretionary Funds: Funds support student learning by adding support staff of 1 Title 1 Reading Specialist and 2 Title 1 Assistants for in-class guided reading groups and to purchase instructional materials for use school-wide.

6 Each eligible school submits a plan to the district that outlines instructional priorities, and how those priorities will be aligned with components of the law.

7 The school plan is designed each year with input from all stakeholders: administrators, teachers and parents. Input is received through a variety ways including surveys, School Advisory and PTO boards, Continuous Improvement Teams and focus groups.

8 How Can Parents Be Involved?
Federal law requires each school to have Home/School Compacts that state the responsibilities of parents, students, and the school. Every family is asked to sign a compact for each child. The content of the compacts are reviewed by staff and parents each year and revised if needed.

9 Right to Know: As a parent of a student in a Title 1 school, you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers and assistants who instruct your child. The Federal law, No Child Left Behind, allows you to ask for this information from the school’s principal. Contact the principal in writing if you would like to receive this information. The information will be provided within one week of your written request.

10 As a parent you may be asked to serve on the School Advisory Board, the Leadership/School Improvement Team, School Committees, and focus groups. In addition there may be opportunities to complete surveys during the year in order to share your input on the Title 1 program. Written comments are welcomed at any time.

11 Black Mountain Elementary needs you to help!
You can help in the following ways: Help determine priorities and goals for the school Help plan and evaluate instructional programs Support student learning at home and at school You may be asked : To serve on an advisory board or school committee To complete surveys To be part of a focus group To volunteer in classrooms or at other school activities To work with your child at home

12 For information on meetings please contact the District Office at
Buncombe County also has a District Level Parent Advisory Board and your participation is welcomed. For information on meetings please contact the District Office at

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