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ONLINE LEARNING ORIENTATION West Georgia Technical College Dr. Rosalita Troutt.

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1 ONLINE LEARNING ORIENTATION West Georgia Technical College Dr. Rosalita Troutt

2 WELCOME TO WEST GEORGIA TECHNICAL COLLEGE & ONLINE LEARNING Online Learning At WGTC, we are excited about Distance-Learning! There are 3 different options for Online Learning:  Online - A course in which all instruction occurs online, and testing may occur online or in a proctored environment.  Hybrid - A course in which 25 - 50 percent of the learning activities are conducted online. Traditional class meeting times will vary within these guidelines, depending on course content and instructor discretion. Meeting times will be predetermined and specified in the class schedule.  Web-enhanced - A traditional classroom course that uses the Internet as a component of the course. That component supports classroom instruction and may require students to use the Internet in order to interact with one another and the instructor, do research, complete and/or submit assignments, or take tests. If you are taking any class that involves Online Learning, it is extremely important that you go to the Online Learning Website. The URL for the Online Learning Website is At this site, you can watch the videos and learn crucial information such as how to log in to your class and the Angel Learning Management System. If you have any trouble with your ANGEL account, your Self Service Banner Web account, or your Student Email Account, there is an online help desk for students. The website address for that help desk is

3 ORIENTATION OVERVIEW The Online Learning Orientation is an interactive orientation delivered using BlackBoard Elluminate and is designed to deliver information via the Internet with a question and answer session. If you have a question, please raise your hand by clicking the icon. The Online Orientation will last for one-hour. If you have additional questions at the end of the session, please email Dr. Rosalita Troutt, Director of Online Learning at

4 IS ONLINE LEARNING RIGHT FOR ME? If you are wondering if Online Learning is the best learning platform for you, please take the Angel Orientation quiz located on the Online Learning Website at the following URL ng/Student_Online_Orientation/ ml. ng/Student_Online_Orientation/ ml The short quiz is a self-check of activities to help the student understand the requirements for online learning.

5 ONLINE LEARNING WEBSITE The Online Learning Website can be accessed via the following URL: ng/index.htm ng/index.htm This is a jumping point for many of your questions regarding the Angel Learning Management System and other online learning information. We will briefly review the tabs located on this page.

6 ANGEL LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Online studies at West Georgia Technical College is conducted via the ANGEL Learning Management System ~ ANGEL. If you are new to the WGTC ANGEL platform, please review the ANGEL Tutorials. These tutorials are always available via the Online Learning Website and will help the student learn how to submit work, send messages, make a drop box submission, and other activities that lead to a successful online learning experience.

7 HELPDESK Should you have a problem with your ANGEL website, Self-Service BannerWeb, or your Student Email, please submit a help ticket via the Online Learning Helpdesk. The URL for the Online Learning Helpdesk is Or, use the link on the Online Learning website.

8 ANGEL LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WEBSITE There are several ways to access your ANGEL course room. From the West Georgia Technical College home page…. 1. Place the mouse over the Online Learning Tab 2. Point to ANGEL Login and click NOTE: Save the ANGEL site in the Favorites list for easy access.

9 ANGEL LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WEBSITE From the Online Learning Website… Click the ANGEL Log In link

10 ANGEL LOG IN Logging into the Angel requires a User Name and Password. Your ANGEL login for West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) is formatted as follows: Should you forget your password, click “I forgot my password” to have the password reset. You will need to know your WGTC Student email address to reset your password.

11 COURSE ROOM HOME PAGE The course room home page shows a quick view of the your course, course mail, announcements, community groups, and help/resources. This is the start page to enter your courses whether web- enhance, hybrid, or online.

12 COURSE ROOM HOMEPAGE The Course Home Page is the beginning point of your online studies for the course room. Let’s review some of the parts of the homepage more closely

13 COURSE ROOM CALENDAR The Course Room Calendar is a great way to track assignments and organize your study time.

14 MATERIALS & ASSIGNMENTS The Materials & Assignments tab takes to where all of your work resides. NOTE: Some instructors use the word “Lessons” as the title for this tab.

15 WHERE IS THE SYLLABUS The syllabus can be found on the course home page or click the Syllabus & Resources tab to access the syllabus for your course(s). Other resources needed for course studies is also located on the page; please visit the research resources on the page such as GALILEO.

16 COURSE AGREEMENT FORM Be sure to complete the Course Agreement Form the first time you enter the course room 1. Click “Course Agreement Form” on the Materials & Assignment Screen 2. Click “Begin” to enter the form. Be sure to read the syllabus and be aware of the course requirements and expectations before complete the Course Agreement Form.

17 SEND/CHECK YOUR EMAIL & OTHER RESOURCES The Mail & Office Hours tab allows the user to send/check email to members of the course including the instructor. The course room email is an official means of contacting the course instructor. The instructor’s Live Office Hours can be found on this tab as well as other information.

18 HOW DO I CHECK MY GRADES The Grades tab allows the student to view his or her grades as well as other activities conducted during the course. The reports found here can be viewed throughout the semester.

19 ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS Attendance in all courses is very important! Students are expected to attend each scheduled class. For online studies, the instructor will communicate to the student the day of the week attendance will be taken, and an academic assignment must be submitted on that day to be counted in the attendance as present. Be mindful not to miss any assignments in your online studies as it may be difficult to catch up the next week. Also note, the attendance day will be different in each course. NOTE: A student will be dropped from an online course if his/her absences exceed 20 percent of the number of weeks allocated for the course (absences do not have to be consecutive).

20 TEST/ASSESSMENTS – ONLINE/PROCTORED What is a “proctored exam”? A proctored exam is the test that requires student to be overseen / supervised by an individual (called proctor) who is approved by the instructor. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process much like an instructor would in a face-to- face course. Proctored Exam Options:  Come to any WGTC Library  Use ProctorU online proctoring  Find an approved proctor Your instructor will provide you with information regarding which exams are proctored during the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule his/her proctored exam appointment. Additional information regarding proctored exams can be found on the Online Learning website and within your courseroom.

21 QUESTION & ANSWER Time to chat and ask questions… Rules of the Game ~ Always be respectful Questions should be school related Lengthy questions can be sent to

22 END OF ONLINE ORIENTATION Thank you for your time and attention during this session. Contact Information: Rosalita Troutt, PhD Director of Instruction – Online Learning West Georgia Technical College 200 Campus Drive Waco, Georgia 30182 T – 770.537.5754

23 SOURCES x.html. x.html

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