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Summer 2014.  Session starts at 11:00 am ◦ We’ll be online shortly ◦ Speaker test starts about 10:45  To ask questions, ◦ use the chat window.

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1 Summer 2014

2  Session starts at 11:00 am ◦ We’ll be online shortly ◦ Speaker test starts about 10:45  To ask questions, ◦ use the chat window

3  We are recording the session today.  The recording will be available from the web page – a link will be on the front of Genesis  These slides will be available on the same page for review.

4  Mary Jane Heider ◦ Director, Academic Computing ◦  Judie Littlejohn ◦ Online Learning Advisor ◦

5  In the chat area, tell us what course or courses you are taking  What questions do you have?

6  Contact your instructor ◦  Contact Mary Jane ◦  Contact the Help Desk ◦ ◦ 1-866-614-5004 (toll free, 24x7)

7  Bookmark these sites ◦ ◦

8  Get the textbook  “Go to” class faithfully; log in regularly ◦ Your instructor can see when you log in  Attend any in-person sessions faithfully  Read the syllabus; note important dates ◦ Tests, homework, reading assignments  Be prepared for a lot of work on your own  Expect to spend 15-20 hours per week on a single class

9  Use the polling option and tell us if your class is hybrid or fully online A.Fully Online B.Hybrid C.Don’t know (If you have more than 1, pick the one you have questions about!)  If you have a hybrid class, do you know when your first class meeting is? ◦ Do you know when all of your class meetings are?


11  Start with the syllabus and/or do not hesitate to ask your instructor!  Most likely one of the following: ◦ Blackboard Assignment ◦ Blackboard Email ◦ Blackboard Messaging ◦ Blackboard Discussion ◦ Publisher Web Site ◦ Genesee Email ◦ USPS mail ◦ Fax

12 ◦ Genesis Login  Genesee email – Gmail inside Genesis ◦ Network Login  Same username for both; may not be the same password initially  Use the password reset inside Genesis to synch the passwords  Publisher web site may be another

13  From the front of Genesis  Need an alternate email address entered into Banner!

14  Most current browsers are supported ◦ Internet Explorer ◦ Firefox ◦ Chrome ◦ Safari  If one doesn’t work, try the other.  Have 2 installed for that purpose.  If you get “Browser Problem” ◦ Click continue

15  What have you already logged into?  What have you had problems logging into?  Do you know what browser(s) you have on your computer? A.I have multiple browsers B.I only use Internet Explorer (or Safari for Mac) C.I don’t know where to get more browsers  Do you know if you need a publisher website login?

16  Check your Genesee email regularly  Many instructors will only take messages from Genesee email ◦ Only use your personal email (Yahoo, email, roadrunner) in an extreme emergency ◦ The Help Desk is open 24x7 to help you log into your Genesee email  Identify yourself: “Mat 129 student”  Put your name in your email  Explain fully; too much is better than not enough  Be patient in expecting an answer

17 Your Email username is the same as your Genesis username The email address takes the form: If you want to get your email on a mobile device, click the link to “Get mobile connection info” and follow the directions there.

18  On Campus ◦ To log into any computer  At a distance ◦ To access the library online databases

19  Log in through Genesis

20  My Genesis – access to “Banner Self Service”  My Courses – access to course materials  Email – access to your Genesee email

21  Information and links to courses  Look for the On Demand Learning Center in the right column  You should see all of your courses.

22  Known as “Blackboard” or “My Courses” interchangeably  Poke through all the links ◦ When in doubt go to the “home” page

23  Look for your syllabus first ◦ Home page or in a Learning Module ◦ Every course will be different  Disappearing Menu!

24  Messaging stays within the course – you need to log into your course to see the messages  Email goes externally to your Genesee email  Be careful of the wording – which is your instructor really using?

25  The Assignment tool may be how you submit homework/papers ◦ Watch for file format requirements ◦ “RTF” – in your word processing software, click on File > Save As and look for “Rich Text Format” as an option ◦

26  Watch the date and time you are given  All times are local (Eastern Standard)  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

27  Do you type in the box or attach a file?  Read the instructions!

28  Discussions are where you interact with other members of the class  Not anonymous!  Play nice!

29  There can be lots of material here  Read it ALL! Do not assume they are all the same  There is usually critical course material found here

30  This means Quiz and Test  Watch the dates and times available ◦ No link means it’s not available

31  Can be timed/untimed, one time only/multiple attempts  All have deadlines

32  Tutorials ◦ ◦ Look for “Student on Demand Videos” ◦ Short videos on many topics ◦ Pay special attention to:  Discussions  Email / Messaging

33  If you don’t have the textbook, get it NOW!  Look for the syllabus  Make sure you can log into: Genesis, Genesee email and network  If you need a publisher access code, get that now  Ask questions

34  What didn’t we answer for you?  What one new thing did you learn today?

35  Call the help desk to report problems ◦ 1-866-614-5004  They will happen! Look for info…  Read the blog:  Help desk online:  “Like” us on Facebook: ◦  Follow us on Twitter: ◦ Sunygcc (general info)  Call the college and listen to the message ◦ 1-585-343-0055 (mostly weather related)

36  Contact your instructor  Contact Mary Jane ◦  Contact Judie ◦  Contact the Help Desk ◦ ◦ 1-866-614-5004 (toll free, 24x7)

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