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Non-renewable Power Resources: Nuclear Power

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1 Non-renewable Power Resources: Nuclear Power

2 What is Nuclear Power? energy produced from uranium
generated in nuclear reactors short history of development energy produced from uranium

3 Why is Nuclear Power needed?
Demand for power resources: increasing because... increasing world population improving living standard need more energy for different uses commercial industrial domestic

4 Why is Nuclear Power needed?
Supply for power resources: will be used up as main ones are... coal & oil non-renewable (fossil fuels)

5 Nuclear Power GOOD or BAD ?

6 Nuclear Power: Advantages
It is ____________-free. With no release of smoke, it does not cause ____________ pollution. It does not cause ________ rain. It does not produce greenhouse gases e.g. ______________ that cause global _________. pollution air acid carbon dioxide warming

7 Nuclear Power: Advantages
It does not cause land ____________ as coal mining. A small amount of uranium can produce a great amount of ____________. The energy efficiency is ____________ and it is ____________. pollution electricity high cheap

8 Nuclear Power: Advantages
There are large amount of uranium in the world and it will not be used up as fast as ____________ fuels like ____________ and ____________. fossil coal oil

9 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
Uranium is a ____________ element. radioactive

10 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
CHERNOBYL DISASTER Radiation is harmful to plants, animals and people. Damage is serious when there is ____________ and ____________ in the nuclear power stations. leakage accidents

11 The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

12 The Chernobyl disaster: 1986

13 The Chernobyl disaster: 1986

14 The Chernobyl disaster: 1986

15 The Chernobyl disaster: 1986

16 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
deaths great number of ____________. suffer from ____________ give birth to ____________ children cancer deformed

17 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
Accidents in nuclear power stations also cause serious damage to the ____________. environment

18 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
Radioactive elements can be spread by ____________. wind

19 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
They can ____________ land, water, livestock and ____________. This reduces the ____________ and ____________ supply. contaminate crops water food

20 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
Nuclear power produces dangerous ____________ waste. It is difficult to find places to store it. People usually put them in ____________ cans. They are then stored in ____________ containers which are buried in the ground or sea bed. Leakage of nuclear waste may cause ___________ pollution. radioactive steel concrete radioactive

21 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages

22 Nuclear Power: Disadvantages
Building nuclear power stations is ____________ and requires ____________ technology. Nuclear power plants require large amount of water for ____________. Hot water released raise the water ____________ and cause ____________ pollution & killing living things there. expensive advanced cooling temperature thermal

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