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Nonrenewable vs. Renewable Resources

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1 Nonrenewable vs. Renewable Resources

2 GOAL To be able to distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable resources and list advantages/disadvantages of each.

3 Nonrenewable Resources
When they are used up, they cannot be replaced by nature About 92% of the energy consumed in the United states is comes from non renewable energy sources.

4 Nonrenewable Resources
Nonrenewable Resource Examples 1. Fossil Fuels Coal Oil Natural Gas

5 Nonrenewable Resources
Nonrenewable Resource Examples 2. Minerals- mined, dug out of rocks and soil (Metals, gemstones)

6 Nonrenewable Resources
Advantages of Nonrenewable Resource 1. Easily mined, Easily transported, Easily Refined, and Easily used. 2. Extremely cheap 3. Everyone uses them

7 Nonrenewable Resources
Disadvantages of Nonrenewable Resource 1. Limited supply leads to them being more expensive in the future. 2. Harmful to the environment when they are mined. 3. Harmful to the environment when they are burned. Coal, natural gas, oil, and gasoline are all fossil fuels and release carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. This causes global warming due to the greenhouse effect.  Rising sea level, desertification, shortage of food and water, etc.

8 Renewable Resources Renewable Resources
Resources that are continuously replaced by nature Makes up 8% of energy usage in the United States. Most renewable resources go towards making electricity.

9 Renewable Resources Renewable Resource Examples 1. Wind
2. Water (hydroelectric power) 3. Geothermal 4. Tides 5. Solar 6. Biofuels 7. Nuclear (Nuclear is sometimes considered non-renewable because Uranium comes from rocks and is therefore limited).

10 Renewable Resources Advantages of Renewable Resources
1. Unlimited supply 2. Generally Clean: Do not release Carbon Dioxide but nuclear waste is harmful. 3. Fairly cheap 4. Most are just as good as non-renewable energy sources at creating electricity and running our vehicles.

11 Renewable Resources Disadvantages of Renewable Resources
1. Wind turbines can kill birds and bats. People don’t like looking them. 2. Nuclear energy leaves nuclear waste, which is radioactive (causes cancer). 3. Geothermal energy is not available everywhere (only in volcanic areas such as Iceland). 4. Energy from tides not easily transported inland. 5. Cars would have to be reengineered to support biofuels. Hydroelectric dams force fish to be blocked from potential breeding areas.

12 Pair Activity Nonrenewable resources include
Oil Coal Natural Gas See if you can come up with atleast 3 more resources that the Earth provides us with (either renewable or nonrenewable)

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