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Verbi reciproci. Reciprocal verbs.

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1 Verbi reciproci. Reciprocal verbs.

2 i bambini salutano

3 Mauro e Gianni si salutano.

4 salutarsi sposarsi separarsi divorziarsi Verbi reciproci abbracciarsi
baciarsi farsi gli auguri incontrarsi innamorarsi salutarsi sposarsi separarsi divorziarsi

5 Verbi Reciproci Reflexive verbs express actions that people do to themselves. Reciprocal verbs express actions that two or more people do to each other, so you only need to concern yourself with the noi, voi, and loro forms.

6 What is the difference between?
Gianni si lava. Gianni e Maria si parlano.

7 the difference Gianni si lava.
The reflexive verb, lavarsi, indicates that Gianni washes himself. Parlarsi, in the second sentence is a reciprocal verb expressing that Gianni and aria talk to each other.

8 baciarsi Like reflexive verbs, reciprocal verbs are conjugated with reflexive pronouns and their infinitives end in –si. noi ci baciamo voi vi baciate loro si baciano

9 a common way to say “see you later”
A common way to say “See you later!” in Italian is with the reciprocal verb, vedersi Ciao, Mario! Ci vediamo!

10 Reciprocal & Non-reciprocal forms.
Remember, if you can say that two or more people do the action to each other, it is reciprocal and requires a reciprocal pronoun. Compare salutare and salutarsi: Gianni saluta Maria. Gianni greets Maria. Maria saluta Gianni. Maria greets Gianni. Gianni e Maria si salutano. Gianni and Maria greet each other.

11 Gianni scrive a Maria. Gianni writes to Maria
Similarly, non-reciprocal verbs can become reciprocal if two or more people are doing the action to each other. Compare scrivere and scriversi. Gianni scrive a Maria. Gianni writes to Maria Maria scrive a Gianni. Maria writes to Gianni Gianni e Maria si scrivono. Gianni and Maria write to each other.


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