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Reflexive VerbsReflexive Verbs Reflexive verbsReflexive verbs.

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1 Reflexive VerbsReflexive Verbs Reflexive verbsReflexive verbs

2 Chiamarsi to call oneself, be named the si at the end tells you the verb is reflexive

3 If the verbs is reflexive this means the action goes back to the doer Esempi: I wash myself I turn on the water I get some soap I apply both water and soap to my face Nobody does this for me!

4 When I was a small child, my mother did these things for me. Esempi: (you speaking at the age of 5) 1.Mia mamma lava il mio viso. My mother washs my face. Mia mamma pettina i miei capelli. 2. Mia mamma pettina i miei capelli. My mother combs my hair. Mia mamma mette i pantaloni. 3. Mia mamma mette i pantaloni. My mother puts on my pants. Mia mamma lava i capelli. 4. Mia mamma lava i capelli. My mother washes my hair.

5 Since the subject of the verb does AND receives the action, we must show this. We do this by placing a REFLEXIVE PRONOUN before the verb. lavo il viso. Mi lavo il viso. I wash my face.

6 What are these reflexive pronouns, you ask? mici I … mi we … ci tivi You … ti you guys …. vi sisi He/she.. si they … si

7 Reflexive Verbs So, what do these verbs look like?They are made up of 2 parts: (1) the reflexive pronoun first (2) the regular verb (conjugated) next

8 esempi mi annoio mi annoio … I get bored ti vesti ti vesti … you get dressed si riposano si riposano … they rest, relax

9 ( reflexive) Mi lavo la faccia. -- I wash my face. (non-reflexive) La mamma lava il viso al bambino. -- The mother washes the babys face.

10 Many verbs have both reflexive and non-reflexive forms depending on whether the action is p pp performed by the subject on itself or on something or someone else.

11 (reflexive) Si chiama Giovanni. -- His name is John. (non-reflexive) Noi lo chiamiamo Gianni. -- We call him Gianni.

12 (reflexive) Ci prepariamo per la festa. -- Were getting ready for the party. (non-reflexive) Preparo una pizza per la festa. -- Im preparing a pizza for the party.

13 (reflexive) Mi sveglio alle sette. -- I wake up at 7am. (non-reflexive) Sveglio mio fratello alle sette -- I wake my brother at 7am.

14 one more thing… When you use one of these verbs in the past, it is conjugated with essere Therefore, the ending of the past participle could end in –o, -a, -i, or -e

15 esempi 1.(io) Mi sono lavata i capelli. (Maria is talking) 2. (loro) Si sono riposati molto bene ieri. 3. (le ragazze) Si sono vestite molto elegante per il Prom.

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