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Creating an Interactive product using multimedia components

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1 Creating an Interactive product using multimedia components
Unit R005 Creating an Interactive product using multimedia components


3 Task 1 – Design interactive multimedia product
Design specification Success Criteria Type of product Plan showing Layout Design Navigation Systems Interactive Components Software required Source & Store multimedia components

4 Software Choices Explain why software choices will be made.
Include all software choices. Explain how the software will produces a product which is appropriate for your purpose and audience Example I will use fireworks to create my graphics rather than paint because……

5 Success Criteria Read through the project brief and make a list of what your customer wants from the product Example Business is…. Suitable for a target audience of…… Makes use of new technologies….

6 Plans Hand drawn page designs which show Navigation Diagram Layout
Colours/house style Interactive components Navigation Diagram

7 Multimedia Components
List all your components Say why you chose them Where you got them Where you stored them Copyright and how you comply

8 Task 2 – Making your interactive multimedia product
Importing products into chosen software Creating your product as described in your plans Testing your product as you develop it

9 You should ensure You create a template Have a consistent house style
A clear navigation systmem A range of interactive features such as Roll overs drag & drop input form behaviours triggers collision scripting hot spots Note how you test each component as you test i

10 EVIDENCE Print each of your finished pages
Annotate them to show the different components they contain Click image for in depth version

11 Production testing Create a simple table and fill it in as you go

12 Task 3 – Product Testing & Evaluation
Test your finished product Obtain and analyse feedback from a range of sources Yourself Friends Teacher Refer to your success criteria

13 Product Testing Create another test table
Test your site in more than one browser Note any issues Note any changes you make

14 Evaluation Write your own evaluation – include What went well
What went less well What you could do to improve it

15 Feedback Design an interview or questionnaire
Get it completed by at least 5 people such as Peers Teachers Family

16 Analysis Analyse the feedback you have received Relate it to
Final Product Success Criteria

17 Hand IN! Make all of your work into ONE bundle with a treasury tag in the top left corner. Include – Software choices Success Criteria Navigation diagram Page designs Plans for interactive components Asset table Annotated printouts Test tables Evaluation Feedback Summary

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