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Open lesson 6 form.

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1 Open lesson 6 form

2 Holidays New Year Christmas Easter Mother’s Day Valentine’s Day
Day of knowledge Happy birthday

3 “Happy Birthday”

4 What do you do when you have your birthday?
Enjoy the holiday; Cook special dishes; Invite guests; Get presents; Enjoy the party; Get cards; Decorate the house; Cook tasty food; Nothing.

5 Филворд c a k e g r s v u f o p x h w b d n t i y l

6 Филворд c a k e g r s v u f o p x h w b d n t i y l

7 There is (are)... in the picture.

8 Song “Happy Birthday” 1st group 2nd group
Happy Birthday, Please, little,running,with all, boy, beautiful brown eyes, I, they, your, have been, love, played, nose, Think about it every year, Was, million, the people, Who's to say it, worked, young, old, to be your dad, a father, a family, brother, she, children, party, pen, one day, meet face to face, In a place without time and space. 2nd group To Dad, My hands, I love you, Happy Birthday, Home Daddy, Have fun.

9 Poem “Let’s celebrate”
Tomorrow is my birthday, So let us celebrate, Let us decorate the flat, And let's phone our mates Let them bring me presents, Let them sing a song, And let us play computer games all day long Let's go out for dinner, Let us watch TV, Let us phone my Granny, And let her come to me Let us have a big cake, Let us say "Hooray!" Let it be my birthday every day! Hooray- ура! let- позволять

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