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GAME Christmas A F P K B Q L RST G WNO HIJ D E C Home / school Animals SecretJobs.

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3 Christmas A F P K B Q L RST G WNO HIJ D E C Home / school Animals SecretJobs

4 What’s your favourite school subject? My favourite subject is …

5 Home and School Sleep Sweep the floor Do Math tests Set the table Do homework Speak English Get good marks

6 Finish sentences 1.Clean ______ 2.Cook _______ 3.Listen to ____ 4.Watch_____ 5.Read ______ 1.Speak ______ 2.Wear ______ 3.Answer ____ 4.Get ____ 5.Read ______

7 Computing Math Write subjects you study at school. You have only one minute! Art Literature P.E Music Russian language English

8 Who has got a red costume and black, leather boots?

9 Guess what holiday it is. 1.We celebrate this holiday in winter. People always give cards, roses and hearts to each other this day. This holiday is very popular among young people. 2. This holiday is one of the most favourite in Britain and Russia. In Britain it is celebrated in December, in Russia – in January. We always decorate a fir-tree before it. 3. This holiday is always celebrated in spring. But there isn’t permanent date of celebrating. People usually decorate eggs and bake a special cake «kulich». 4. This day we get presents, invite friends to our party and blow candles on the cake. Check your answers 1.St. Valentines Day 2.Christmas 3.Easter 4.Birthday

10 Who is the most famous reindeer? Rudolph

11 When is Christmas in Russia? When is Christmas in Britain? When is New Year? On the 7 th of January On the 25 th of December On the 1 st of January

12 Surprise!!! Let’s sing together What Christmas words were mentioned in the song.

13 Tell us about your pet. Use the plan below: I have got….. It’s nickname is… My …. likes ….. It is very….. I love and…

14 Write as many animals as you can. You have only 1 minute.

15 Guess the animal

16 Let’s play a crossword game

17 Follow the teacher’s orders: Draw a Christmas Tree. Draw presents under the tree. Decorate it with stars. Write “Happy New Year” on the left of the tree.

18 Clock game


20 Fill the gaps with am, is, are I ___ a student. This ____ my sister. She _____ nine years old. Our parents _____ teachers. They ______ at school now. We _____ very friendly. amis are

21 What’s the time on the clocks?

22 Please buy a _____ Would you like a _____ Please give me a box of milk cup of tea ? glass of apple juice Finish sentences

23 What are their professions? Bill Martin Phillip

24 www.

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