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Surviving Finals Week Dealing with stress Selective cramming Scheduling for exams Rehearsing the information.

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1 Surviving Finals Week Dealing with stress Selective cramming Scheduling for exams Rehearsing the information

2 Sample Exam Questions Anywhere University Sociology: Estimate the sociological problems that might accompany the end of the world. Construct an experiment to test your theory. Medicine: You have been provided with a razor blade, a piece of gauze and a bottle of Scotch. Remove your appendix. Do not suture your work until it has been inspected. You have 15 minutes

3 Dealing With Tension Organize yourself Take time to relax Adopt a positive approach Anxiety is contagious Plan rewards

4 Make A Game Plan When is the exam? How much material does the exam cover? What is my grade now? What is my goal? What types of errors did I make on past exams? What strategies were successful? What new strategies will I need to overcome past difficulties?

5 Schedule Your Study Periods Begin at least a week before finals week Allow large blocks of time for studying Allow short periods for review Vary what you study and how you study Schedule breaks and exercise Stay with your routine

6 5 day study plan: Cram selectively Gather all materials -Divide and conquer Make courageous choices Choose the most important elements – Most recent material – lecture notes – textbook – themes that cut across all materials – areas where you’re weakest Know what it is you don’t know – spend more of your time here.

7 Use Review Cards & Other Study Aids Flash cards- portable, easy to test and mix ideas Mind maps – shows relationships Summary Sheets – more detail – include most important and most difficult concepts Essay Questions Old Exams – greater challenge Commercial Study Guides – saves time

8 Study Strategies Gold Nugget The Study Cycle with Intense Study Sessions* *Adapted from a method developed by Frank L. Christ

9 The Study Cycle Learning System Phase One: Preview chapters to be covered in class…before class (Create note structure). Phase Two: Attend Class. Listen actively, take notes, participate in class. Phase Three: Review and process class notes as soon possible after class. Phase Four: Incorporate Intense Study Sessions. Repeat

10 Intense Study Sessions n 2 - 5 minutes: Set goals for next 30 - 40 minutes. n 30 - 40 minutes: Accomplish the goals. Read text more selectively/highlight. Make doodles/notes in margins. Create mnemonics, work examples. Create concept maps. Test yourself n 10 minutes Review what you have just studied. n 10 minutes Take a break. n Repeat

11 Use the 25/75 Rule Spend 25% of your time organizing information Spend 75% of your time testing, recalling, reciting, writing, etc. (Remember, it’s better to find out what you don’t know now than in the exam room.)

12 The Night Before Calmly review what you’ve learned Focus on integrating and synthesizing Continue self-testing by using small pieces of time Avoid staying up all night Avoid cramming new material Don’t go to the movies

13 Take Care of Yourself Don’t overdue stimulants such as caffeine Use campus resources, as needed Maintain regular eating and sleeping patterns Remember daylight savings time starts on Sunday!

14 Check out these resources Study Jam 3/13 & 3/14 Math help & Computer Lab – Sat & Sun 10 a.m. – 8 pm Writing Help: Sat 10 am – 2 pm Testing: Sat & Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Regular Hours M - W College Skills Zone Writing Center Drop in math help Math Angle

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