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Preparing for Major Tests: Developing a Five Day Study Plan

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1 Preparing for Major Tests: Developing a Five Day Study Plan
Learn about the major exam Use the study plan to prepare for and review materials for a major test

2 Learn about the Exam Types of questions: objective or essay
Number of questions Topics or concepts covered Level of questions

3 Levels of questions Knowledge (Remembering)
Comprehension (Understanding) Application (Using information) Analysis (Seeing relationships) Synthesis (Putting concepts together) Evaluating (Judging, comparing) Creating

4 Knowledge Level Questions
Require rote memory Focus on terms, dates, facts, lists Tend to be objective (T/F, Multiple Choice, Matching) May be answered with minimal review because you recognize the answer

5 Comprehension Level Questions
Requires understanding of the material so you can recognize and use concepts or issues that are rephrased or described differently from the text or lecture. Example: word problems in math Ex: What main thought patterns would you expect to find in a geography textbook?

6 Application Level Questions
Requires you to apply the information learned to a new situation Examples: math word problems, further analysis questions in McWhorter

7 Analysis Level Questions
Require you see relationships to break down a complex concept into its component parts Ex: Describe how each step of the SQ4R reading-study system helps you learn and remember.

8 Synthesis Level Questions
Require you to bring separate or related ideas together to form a larger concept, pattern or idea. Describe several study skill strategies that students with your learning style can use to prepare for a major exam

9 Evaluation Level Questions
Require you to make judgments about the value or worth of an idea Are based on both analysis and synthesis of the concepts involved Ex: Which study tools (e.g. highlighting, SQ4R, self-test, summary sheets) will you use to prepare for your ____ mid-term?

10 Creating Level Questions
Require you to apply the concepts in a new way Ex: Describe one of your long term goals that you want to accomplish in the next year. Write four short term goals using SMARTR format that will help you achieve it.

11 Advantages of the Five Day Study Plan
Organizes your materials for test preparation in manageable chunks Promotes distributed practice, active learning and elaborative rehearsal Provides self-testing to monitor your learning Reduces procrastination, cramming and test anxiety

12 Why increase your study time?
Poor grades often result from inadequate study time One to three hours the night before is insufficient A and B students spend 8 – 10 hours preparing for each college exam: challenging classes require more time College exams may cover 10 to 20 times as much information as high school exams

13 Four steps of the Five day Study Plan
Be specific and realistic Set target dates and times Set up a process for studying Plan your intrinsic or extrinsic reward

14 Step one: Be specific and realistic
Ask: what do I need to review? Make a list of all the topics you need to review List the chapters, class lecture notes, homework assignments, lab reports, group projects, quizzes, and other materials covered in class

15 Step Two: Set target dates and times
Set specific times for organized review sessions. Ask: what days and times can I study? Mark these times on your weekly calendar Mon Wed Fri Sat Sun 8 – 9 am 3 – 4 pm 1 – 2 pm pm 1 – 3 pm 6 – 8 pm

16 Step Three: Set up a process
Group the items on your study list into four logical categories or themes You will review one category on each of the first four days Create a plan for reviewing the material For each day, identify the times you’ll study and the specific tasks you plan to do during that time. Ex: First review chapter summary, then concept cards & then class notes

17 Review Plan… Wednesday Thursday 1. Make study sheets for ch b

18 Step Three: Continued On day five, review summary notes on all of the material and quiz yourself Summary notes consist of materials that need to be reviewed one final time before the test.

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