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Kennaraháskóli Íslands Iceland University of Education.

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1 Kennaraháskóli Íslands Iceland University of Education

2 Fact and figures Iceland 65 00 N, 18 00 W Area total 103,000 sq km Population: –280,798 (2003) Slovenia 46 07 N, 14 49 E Area total 20,273 sq km Population: 1,935,677 (2003)


4 Kennaraháskóli Íslands Iceland University of Education Some basic information Independent institution since 1907 Enrollment 2400 students More than half of the students are distance education students Academic staff 140 Other emploies 50 Educational counsellors 2

5 Department of Undergraduate Studies Department of Graduate Studies Institute of Continuing Education Research Centre Learning Centre (Library, Media Centre) Laugarvatn Campus (Physical Education) General Office Main Sections

6 Department of Undergraduate Studies Programmes Early Childhood Education Basic School Teacher Education Teacher Certification Programme Sport and Physical Education Recreational and Social Activity Studies Social Pedagogy

7 Department of Graduate Studies (2003-2004) Diploma programme / specialization areas: Curriculum and Instruction Educational Leadership and Administration Early Childhood Education Information Technology Icelandic Education Mathematics Education Multicultural Education Science Education Special Education Social Pedagogy and Disability Studies Masters Programme Ph.D. Programme

8 Department of Continuing Education In Service training Program development Educational consultation Conference service

9 University Research Centre Research projects Advice and support for researchers Lectures, seminars and conferences School Evaluations Publications Allocation of research grants

10 Learning Centre Library –Special library in the field of education and training –Curriculum materials –Loan service, information, facilities Computer and media centre –Work space –Assistance and advice –Maintaining

11 Distance Learning More than half of all students at the IUE are distance education students Campus based seminars (1-3 times a term)Campus based seminars (1-3 times a term) Electronic communications (e-mail, postlists, web-based conferences (WebCT)Electronic communications (e-mail, postlists, web-based conferences (WebCT)

12 ICT in Iceland Common access to computers and Internet around the country Almost all schools are equipped with computers and Internet connection Access to the Internet very good FS Net (IP standard) provides 100 mbps connectin around the country, individual stations can connect and get 2 mpbs connections

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