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Quality Education Fund Thematic Network – Gifted Education

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1 Quality Education Fund Thematic Network – Gifted Education
Singapore Educational Tour 2007

2 Quality Education Fund Thematic Network – Gifted Education
Itinerary Day 1 – visited some famous places in Singapore Day 2 – visited National Institute of Education (NIE) Day 3 – visited Anglo-Chinese School – Ministry of Education (MOE) – Shuqun Primary School Day 4 – Back to Hong Kong

3 The GEP in Singapore The GEP in existence since 1984
Centrally administrated by the GE Branch, Ministry of Education Today: 9 primary centres • Primary 4-6 Up to 2004: 7 secondary centres • Secondary 1-4 Since 2005, secondary GE decentralized into school-based Integrated Programmes (IP) • 6 year programmes




7 Selection of Teachers for gifted education
Good Academic qualifications Good teaching record Interview Lesson observation

8 Training of Teachers On-the-job training
Frequent consultations with GE Branch officers New teachers: - Foundation Course in Gifted Education - Affective Education for the Gifted - Curriculum Differentiation for the Gifted Local/overseas workshops and conferences

9 Beyond Gifted Education

10 Providing for the highly able
Who are the high-ability pupils? • Identified by GE Branch • Based on standardized test scores

11 Providing for the highly able
Who are the high-ability pupils? • Identified by schools (e.g. teacher observation) • Use of characteristics checklists to help teachers nominate pupils

12 Providing for the highly able
Existing programmes for the high-ability pupils • Special programmes (e.g. Innovative problem-soling programme, Creative Arts Programme) Initiatives by schools and clusters • School-based enrichment programmes • Cluster-based enrichment programmes • Leveraging on teacher expertise in GEP centres

13 Gifted Education Programme
National Institute of Education

14 Training programmes for teachers of the gifted and High Ability Learners
GEP teachers are trained-on-the-job 3 compulsory (30 hour) courses • The Foundation Course in Gifted Education • Curriculum Differentiation (2nd Year) • Affective Education 2 years of developmental supervision, mentored by Specialist Officers in different subjects Curriculum Differentiation Practicum (3rd Year)

15 NIE


17 NIE: In-Service Courses
Certificate in Teaching Pupils with High Ability (CeTPHA) Advanced Diploma in Teaching Pupils with High Ability Master in Education with specialization in Gifted Education

18 CeTPHA- Why a Practicum?
To bridge theory into practice for teachers To support and “handhold” the teacher for a short period to build their confidence in practising differentiated instruction – the supervisor acts as a coach To encourage the use of tools and strategies learnt in 3 other modules To help key personnel in schools implement sound enrichment programmes for talent development

19 Nan Hua Primary School






25 Nurturing the Highly Able: Gifted Education Programme

26 Gifted Education Programme
Started in 1984 Seeks to meet the intellectual needs of the gifted through the provision of an enriched curriculum within a stimulating & interactive environment Gifted Education Branch - a unit within MOE to oversee the identification & selection of pupils; GE programming & curriculum planning; research and evaluation

27 Enriched Subjects English Mathematics Science Mother Tongue
Social studies Civic and Moral Education/ Pastoral Care/ Community Involvement Programme Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education

28 Identification 2-stage Screening & Selection process
• Screening – all P3 pupils • ENGLISH • MATHEMATICS • Selection tests – about 5% of cohort • GENERAL ABILITY

29 Extensions Curriculum based enrichment activities
- seminars, camps, courses Competitions Special provisions Mentorship Programmes

30 Mentorship Programmes
Science Mentorship Programmes Innovation Programme Creative Arts Programme Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme Leadership Development Programme Moot Parliament Programme Computer Mentorship Programme

31 Resources At the school
Smaller classes, additional planning time for teachers Building capacity External consultants Overseas training – scholarship for postgraduate studies, summer institutes and visits to gifted programmes in other countries

32 Anglo-Chinese School











43 Shuqun Primary School




47 End

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