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2 CONTENTS Inviting Refusing Accepting Exercises

3 INVITING Can you come to a barbecue? Do come to the tea-part!
Would you like to have dinner with me? Will you come to my party? I’d like you to come to dinner. (semi-formal) I would like to invite you to the reception. (formal)

4 REFUSING I’m sorry, I can’t that day. What a pity! I can’t make it.
I’m afraid. I’m very busy that week. I don’t think I can. Oh, I am sorry. I won’t be able to. I’m afraid I’m unable to come. I regret I am unable to accept. (formal)

5 ACCEPTING I’d love to What time? Yes, that would be lovely. Great!
What fun! Yes, I think so. When exactly? Yes, I’ll look forward to it. I would be delighted to accept. (formal)


7 EXERCISE 1 Choosing the correct word(s) from the pair in brackets to complete the sentences
1. _______ you come to the meeting? (May / Will) 2. Would you___________to play tennis with me? (like / love) 3. I’m______, I can’t come then. (afraid / sorry) 4. What a pity! I won’t be able_____. (it / to) 5. Great! We’ll_______forward to it. (look / looking) 6. I regret I am_______to accept. (can’t/unable) 7. Yes, that would be_______ (delighted/lovely) 8. He’d like _____and see him. (that you go/you to go)

8 EXERCISES 2 Match each invitation (1-5) with the best answer (A-E)
Can you come to lunch on Monday? Would you like to come in for a coffee now? Would you like to go for a picnic this weekend? I’d like you to come to a party at my house? Come round for dinner tonight! Sorry, I've got a meeting this evening. That would be very nice. When is it? I’m sorry, that’s my day in London. I’d love to. Where shall we go? That would be lovely, but I prefer tea!

9 Exercise 3 Looking at the situations and respond, using expressions

10 Situation 1 You’re going to celebrate your eighteenth birthday with a big party in two weeks’ time. Invite your friends.

11 Situation 2 Your best friend invites you to go on an exciting weekend trip with him / her. You accept.

12 Situation 3 Your aunt invites you to spend a few days at her house, but you’ve already arranged something for that week, so you will have to refuse.

13 Situation 4 Invite someone you don’t know very well to have a meal with you and your family.

14 Situation 5 A friend rings up and says, ‘How about coming round to my place tonight, to listen to some music?’ You have too much homework!

15 Thank for your attentions

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