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Project Prioritization Process ASPCC Update December 14, 2005.

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1 Project Prioritization Process ASPCC Update December 14, 2005

2 August 17, 20052 Process Review  June & July – Developed and validated project inventory Interviewed Assistant Deans 1-1 – Identified top 3 priorities Cross referenced all requests to the system health assessment to ensure systems at risk were “considered”  August – ASPCC selected 10 projects out of 29 for business case development  September & October – Developed business cases Presented sample case to ASPCC in October for template approval

3 August 17, 20053 Process Review  November – Presented cases to ASPCC ASPCC prioritized the cases  SAP Upgrade  HR Graduate Student Appointments  Travel  Compliance Management  Automate 1042S  Annual Salary Review  HR Training and Events Management (EH&S focus only)  Budgeting and Planning  ESS/Ethnic Origin  Administrative Portal

4 August 17, 20054 Process Review  December – Align resources to projects and present proposed timeline to ASPCC Factors to consider include  Admin Comp resources and skills required for each project  Business resource availability (leveling) and timing (peak period considerations)  Balance number of large projects & projects in the same or similar functional areas

5 August 17, 20055 Ongoing Prioritization Process  Revise the business case template and instructions to incorporate feedback from ASPCC and others Ensure all projects are greater than 6 person months Require peer institution review unless there is a clear reason why it is not required Consider incorporating benefits analysis (qualitative and quantitative)  Develop an overall process and calendar  Provide a summary document of cases to ASPCC  Communicate process and calendar

6 August 17, 20056 Sample Calendar  January – April Collect project information – various sources Complete Request for Evaluation forms  May Provide project inventory and Request for Evaluation to ASPCC  June ASPCC prioritizes the list – picks 10

7 August 17, 20057 Sample Calendar  July – September Develop business cases  October Present to ASPCC  November Conduct resource planning and final ASPCC selection

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