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The Skill Theme Approach

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1 The Skill Theme Approach
Chapter 2 The Skill Theme Approach

2 Chapter 2 Key Points Skill Themes are:
Fundamental movements, later modified into more specialized patterns upon which more complex activities/sports are built. The Skill Theme Approach is a way of teaching physical education that: Is organized around Skill Themes and Movement concepts Describes both content (what is being taught) and pedagogy (how it is being taught)

3 Chapter 2 Key Points Important motor developments principles:
Children develop at different rates Age does not predict motor ability Children develop motor skills naturally through play Skillfulness is a result of practice, not gender or heredity

4 The Curriculum Diamond

5 Chapter 2 Key Points Curriculum Diamond
Schematically represents curriculum focus for Pre-K to 12 which follows the NASPE Standards Suggests the development of a broad foundation of movement forms at the elementary and middle school level focus on proficiency in few movements at high school

6 Chapter 2 Key Points Elementary Level Focus: To help children acquire the fundamental competencies: First focus on developing movement concepts Space awareness Effort Relationships Then focus on developing skill themes Manipulative skills Locomotor skills Non-manipulative skills

7 Chapter 2 Key Points Skill theme approach
Differs from traditional approach to teaching physical education (teaching games, dance and gymnastics). Emphasizes helping children develop skill competencies that enables them to participate successfully with enjoyment. Focuses on children learning the critical elements of a skill.

8 Comparing the Skill Theme Approach with the Traditional Method of Teaching Physical Education
Primary emphasis on fundamental motor skill acquisition and competency Primary emphasis on teaching children games, dances, and gymnastics without regard to skill acquisition. Primary emphasis on providing learning experiences that are appropriate for the developmental level of the individual child Primary emphasis on providing learning experiences that are based on the child’s age or grade Scope and sequence is designed to reflect the needs and interests of the students over a period of years (i.e.,K-5) Scope and sequence is designed to teach skills in preset “units” of three weeks, six weeks, etc

9 Chapter 2 Key Points Additional Skill Theme Approach qualities:
Integrates physical fitness as part of daily lessons Emphasizes both cognitive and affective domains throughout the program (helping children understand the “how’s” and “why’s” of movement and giving them opportunities to feel good about themselves and others)

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