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UWWD In our quest to eliminate bad websites, we present…. HALLELUJAH!!

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1 UWWD In our quest to eliminate bad websites, we present…. HALLELUJAH!!

2  The Structure of a Website  What is Wordpress? Why do we use it?  Static versus Dynamic Content  Server-side versus Client-side Code  FTP and other basics  Installing WordPress  Basic Configuration  Adding/Editing Pages and Posts  Uploading/Changing themes  Plugins

3  Two parts  YOU (and your web browser)  The web server YOU SERVER

4  WordPress is a CMS  CMS – Content Management System  A CMS is a piece of software that allows multiple users to create, edit and publish web content.  Wordpress itself is a blogging platform!  But it can be extended to do much more with themes and plugins

5  The internet before CMS/Wordpress: loads of boring HTML  You sit there and write HTML and CSS code all day to make web pages that never change unless you write more HTML.

6  The internet after CMS/Wordpress:  Sunshine and rainbows (pink elephants too)!!  Well not really, but something just as nice…

7  It looked more like…

8  Easy to create/edit content  No coding, HTML or other technical knowledge is required.  No need to upload/download HTML files, just point and click  Allows one to create dynamic content  Customizable!!  You can make almost any type of site with Wordpress painlessly  EASY TO USE!!!!!!  

9  Static Content  Content that does not change unless the user specifically makes changes to it.  E.g. pure HTML and CSS pages  No user interaction  Dynamic Content  Content changes depending on the situation.  Usually, the content is generated on the fly as the user accesses a web page.  E.g. CMS, Facebook, etc  WordPress falls into both categories

10  Client Side Code  Code/markup that is processed by your computer and web browser  E.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript  Basically server sends markup/code, which your computer processes and turns into a nice web page YOU SERVER

11  Server Side Code  Code/markup which is processed by the web server.  The web server sends the results of this processing as client side code to your computer.  VERY POWERFUL – is the foundation of WordPress and sites like Facebook

12 Server Side Code (WordPress) Client Side Code (HTML)Web Page on your screen

13  FTP – File Transfer Protocol  Used to upload files to your website  Needed for the installation of WordPress and to add themes, plugins and sometimes images and videos.  Some FTP programs:  Filezilla  FireFTP (Firefox extension)  Windows Explorer  Built into Windows

14  MySQL Database  Holds most of the content and information WordPress needs such as posts, pages, user accounts, etc  Only need to know how to create one, and the user name and password of it  The Computer Science Club is your best friend here!!!

15  If you get stuck and/or need help:  WordPress Documentation:  WordPress Forums:  Google

16  What you’ll need:  Web space with PHP and MySQL  A text editor  Web browser  FTP Client  A database with the user name and password to access it

17 1) Download the latest version of WordPress from 2) Unzip the tar/zip files to your hard drive 3) Upload the files to the web server using FTP 4) Go to admin/install.php and follow instructions admin/install.php 5) AND YOUR DONE!!!

18  What we’ll be focusing on in the admin area  Settings:  General  Discussion  Permalinks  Adding and Managing Categories  Comments  Links  Akismet  API Key

19  It’s pretty simple  Codex is a great place to learn how to use it  Also’s Forums are awesome as well  Best way is to poke around and see what stuff does

20  Wordpress uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor  Basically an editor like Word that takes what you type and converts it into HTML for you  Wordpress posts are like news articles and snippets  Aka blog posts for the most part.  Can sort posts by categories and tags  Categories are used to sort posts hierarchly  Tags are used to add extra keywords to a post outside of the category definitions  Used by search engines to index your posts

21  The creating/editing screen for pages is the same as posts  Except there are no tags and categories  Pages are like HTML pages.  Except they are easier to create and edit  Useful for easily creating a site with page navigation without having to know HTML or CSS  Easy to place into hierarchies

22  There are TONS of them!!!  Some are pretty, some not so much  You can get them at or from within your own WordPress site  Only takes a couple of clicks!!!

23  Seriously, there are tons of them…..

24  Yes there is a sunshine and rainbows theme as well..  CUE DEMO TO SHOW AWESOMENESS O_O

25  There are also TONS of them!!!  Easy to install, only a few clicks to get them running  Add all sorts of goodies to your WordPress site!  Read instructions  You’ll thank us later  WordPress forums for each plugin are your friend here!!!! CUE DEMO TO SHOW MORE AWESOMENESS O_O


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